In these hazy, summer months, as the sun beats down – there’s no better place to be than in your private boat, out on the open waves. For those of us lucky enough to enjoy the freedom of having a yacht or superyacht, spending summer on the ocean is truly a piece of paradise. Of course, sailing the seas can be tough work – even if you’re used to it! To enjoy true comfort and the ultimate in indulgent luxury, look no further than a bespoke mattress for your superyacht, from The Odd Company. 

The Odd Company creates Wheel Mark verified bespoke mattresses perfect for yachts, superyachts, and all other boats. Our mattresses are designed to fit perfectly in any size, shape or depth, in order to suit the berths of any yacht or superyacht, which are not a custom size. 


What sort of yacht mattress do I need? 

All equipment designed for use at sea must meet the Wheel Mark (otherwise known as Mark of Conformity), in order to ensure their safety for use at sea and confirm that they meet the most stringent safety standards. As stated by the Marine Equipment Directive, every item designed for marine use must therefore bear the Wheel Mark to confirm it is safe for use before it is placed in a boat.

At The Odd Company, we are one of the very few mattress makers across the United Kingdom to create bespoke luxury mattresses which bear the Wheel Mark seal of approval. This means our custom-made boat mattresses are perfectly crafted for marine use, in addition to providing unparalleled support for your sleeping form. 

Furthermore, when you look for a bespoke mattress for your yacht, it’s important that several other criteria are fulfilled by your choice. For instance, as any boat-owner knows, mattresses headed out to sea need to be made zip-to-link, for easy removal and maintenance. They should also be created to fit V-berths or settee-berths (so named for the shape of the sleeping quarters). 

In addition, mattresses destined to become superyacht beds must be able to breathe; to allow the salty marine air to pass through the fabric and core, allowing the mattress to air itself out. This is vital to let the sleeper enjoy perfect comfort, whether it’s a cool and breezy sleep in summer or a cosy sleep in the depths of winter. Insulation without feeling stifled can only be ensured by the finest natural materials, and cannot be achieved with cheaper, mass-produced mattresses commercially available on the high street. 

Why are Odd Mattresses Perfect For Yacht Use? 

Here at The Odd Company, our Wheel Mark standard mattresses ensure that your boat meets the legal required flame-retardancy requirement for marine vessels. This means that in addition to the high standard of luxurious rest and comfort of our mattresses, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are safe, secure, and legally compliant.

In addition, our made-to-measure boat mattresses can be tailored to suit any size, shape, or depth. Here at the Odd Company, we are familiar with the often-specific requirements of yacht mattresses, and as a result we can create your bespoke mattress to any specification. 

Our fully sprung mattresses are vital in an environment like a yacht, where the air contains a great deal of moisture. The natural fillings and the spring system at the core of our mattress allow air to pass through, maximising ventilation and preventing the build-up of moisture, which can otherwise lead to the development of mould and mildew around the mattress. 

In such close, confined spaces such as smaller cabins, or crew sleeping quarters, this undesirable moisture build-up can be avoided with a higher quality of mattress. Ensuring the quality of a good night’s sleep is essential on a yacht –  not only to allow you to properly relax, but from a safety perspective, too. If boat crews are not properly rested, the risk of travel across the open water greatly increases. Don’t take the risk – ensure that your crew enjoy undisturbed sleep for safe and memorable travels.

Finally, The Odd Company can offer bespoke bedding to fit all of our boat mattresses. Mattress protectors are essential when out at sea, to ensure the longevity of your bespoke mattress as well as protecting it from water damage. The Odd Company provides bespoke bedding, including sheets and mattress protectors, to form a one-stop shop for your yacht bedding requirements.  


If you’d like to enquire about creating a bespoke mattress for your superyacht, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our experts will be only too happy to help you.