We believe that the best support and true comfort can never be rushed. Each fully sprung, handmade mattress can take a little longer to make than something you’d find on the high street or being sold on a retail park, which we love. Our craftsmen and women have many decades of collective experience, and use tried and tested skills and techniques to hand make products which provide the highest quality of sleep, night after night.

This is a common misconception. Sufferers of a bad back should find a mattress that correctly supports the body’s natural posture while at rest, aligning the spine which in turn will allow the muscle groups located in the back, along the shoulders and rib cage to relax. Support is achieved through the number of spring found within the mattress, we would therefore always encourage customers to opt for the highest spring count they can afford.

We are proud to hand make our mattresses using the highest quality natural fillings and pocket springs and use traditional techniques which have been honed and perfected over many years by our craftsmen and women. An Odd Company mattress is designed to last, but the lifetime of your mattress will depend on several factors.

To extend your mattress’ life it is important that it is taken care of, we encourage all customers to read our mattress care guide, a link to which is normally emailed out following delivery, however  comfort is ultimately subjective and only you will know when it is time to replace your mattress.

Our mattresses have many layers of deep natural fillings and upholstery. It can take time for the natural fibres which make up your mattress to settle and for your body to get used to them. We recommend waiting at least six weeks of regular use for this to happen, by this time your mattress will have softened.

You may notice upon delivery that your pocket sprung mattress looks slightly smaller than your divan or measures smaller than your ordered size. Occasionally, depending on the delivery method and the time a mattress has been in transit your pocket sprung mattress can contract a little (up to 10cm / 4″). We can assure you that your mattress will return to this normal size with regular use.

It is normal for your mattress to form around your body contours and an impression to develop where you sleep. This is not a fault of the mattress and is a result of the generous layers of natural fillings reacting to your body shape. Both natural settlement and frequent turning will reduce compression marks over time.

Our approximate guidelines for natural settlement of our mattresses are as follows…

6 months – 1 year: 4cm

1 – 2 years: 4.5cm

2 – 7 years: 6cm

7 – 15 years: 7.5cm

Your new mattress is filled with deep layers of natural fillings. In a new mattress these layers will be tight and interwoven. As you begin to lie on the mattress the tight fillings and the fabrics will stretch and begin to relax. This process is quite normal and is likely to take several weeks. During this period it is necessary to turn the mattress regularly to allow even settlement of the fillings and to air the mattress. This ‘bedding in’ process is similar to wearing a new pair of shoes which often feel stiff but become more and more comfortable as the leather stretches and becomes more supple.

We advise customers to turn their mattress every two weeks for the first three months and thereafter the mattress should be turned at least every six to twelve weeks.