Having a perfect made-to-measure mattress is one of life’s true joys. The sumptuous softness, and quality of your sleep on a made-to-measure mattress is second only to the knowledge that you are investing in your future health and happiness. When you purchase a bespoke mattress from The Odd Company, you know that we’ll not only meet your expectations; we’ll exceed them! 

Often, the made-to-measure mattresses that we create are unique – whether that’s the depth, width, or size; or the inclusion of curved edges or cut-out corners. Thanks to our versatility, we truly can make your mattress to your exact specifications – but this can make finding suitable bedding difficult. Our clients often ask where they can find bespoke bedding of a high quality to protect and fit their new mattress.

The Odd Company offers a range of made-to-measure cotton bedding, including sheets and mattress protectors, which can be created and tailored to perfectly fit your bed. Protect your bespoke mattress with a quilted mattress protector, and enjoy the comfort of our Egyptian cotton sheets. 


What bespoke bedding does The Odd Company offer?

At The Odd Company, we create bespoke mattress protectors and tailored sheets, handmade in England to fit perfectly over your new mattress. 

Mattress Protectors

We recommend to all of our clients that they invest in a mattress protector. Your mattress is the only item that you use every day that cannot be washed or cleaned! Using a mattress protector can extend the lifespan of the mattress, lessening the impact perspiration can have on the upholstery and natural fillings. All our mattress protectors are fitted, and created from the softest cotton. 

Our mattress protectors can, depending on your preference, be made quilted or unquilted. Our quilted mattress protectors are truly luxurious; their percale weave provides an additional layer of cushioning and softness on the top of your soft, supportive mattress. 

Our unquilted mattress protectors are still soft to the touch, and provide protection for your mattress. We make our thick unquilted cotton protectors from fabric made using a half panama weave, which ensures the protector is both durable and breathable. 



Customisable to fit any shape or size, our bed sheets are made from 100% Egyptian Cotton – either 200 or 400 thread count. Eagle-eyed customers will note that many bedding retailers on the high street or online often claim extraordinarily high thread counts, some ranging as high as 1000! In truth, anything beyond 400 thread provides no additional luxury or comfort, and should be avoided. Genuine thread counts above 400 will be very tightly woven and won’t breath easily, leaving you feeling hot and uncomfortable. For ultimate comfort and softness, opt for 100% Egyptian cotton sheets with a 200 to 400 thread count. A more in depth explanation on thread count can be found on our bespoke bedding page.

We can create your bespoke fitted sheets to any size or shape you desire tailoring them to fit the curved end of your mattress or to fit the cut out corners designed to accommodate your bed posts. Your bespoke bedding will be unique to you – just like your mattress should be. Enjoy the best sleep you’ve ever had, every night, when you pair your made-to-measure mattress with our bespoke bedding. 


If you’d like to speak to a member of The Odd Company team about creating your perfect bespoke bedding to suit your made-to-measure mattress, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ll be more than happy to help and advise you. Our deliveries are taking place as usual, and in accordance with government regulations on social distancing, to ensure that your bedding is delivered as safely and securely as possible.