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Luxury UK Mattresses for Optimal Comfort

Discover a wide selection of luxury mattresses tailored to meet your specific comfort needs. Our UK mattress collection offers a diverse range of sizes, from single to king, ensuring that every member of your family enjoys a blissful night’s sleep. With a focus on exceptional quality and cutting-edge design, our handmade mattresses provide optimal support and comfort, giving you the perfect foundation for a restful slumber. Explore our extensive range below and find the ideal mattress that will transform your sleep experience.

Experience Luxurious Sleep The Odd Way

Our standard sized mattresses are crafted with the same care and attention to detail as those made to bespoke dimensions. We handmake each of our fully sprung mattress in England using the finest natural materials, which are brought together using traditional methods like hand tufting and side stitching to create the perfect space in which to sleep.

 Our mattresses are designed to create the conditions for a deep and rejuvenating sleeping experience in order to improve the hours you spend awake.

Mattresses made the Odd way

All our mattresses are made using traditional, time honoured methods as well as the newest innovations to create beds which contribute to the deep rejuvenating sleep, essential for maintaining good health and well-being.


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