US King Size Mattress

Sleep Like Royalty: Embrace the Comfort of a US King Size Mattress

Sleep like royalty on our US king size mattresses. Offering an abundance of space for couples or those who desire the ultimate sleep indulgence, our US king size mattresses combine opulent comfort with advanced support features. The carefully selected natural materials and innovative design techniques we use provide optimal spinal alignment, superior pressure relief, and minimised motion transfer. Upgrade to the luxury you deserve with a US king size mattress from The Odd Company.

Only ever fully sprung…

At The Odd Company our mattresses are all fully sprung, as in our view no other system offers your body a comparable level of hygiene, support and comfort while you sleep. Unlike other companies who manufacture using cheap, poor quality imported springs, we only use the highest quality British made spring systems in all of our mattresses.

When it comes to spring systems there are two types to choose from; the interior spring unit, which is also known as an open coil spring, and the more sophisticated pocket spring. Both systems serve different requirements but when it comes to supporting the contours of your body the pocket spring system is by far the most superior.

In a pocket sprung mattress each spring is encased in its own fabric compartment which allows each spring the freedom to move independently from those around it. Pocket sprung mattresses can therefore adapt and support the contours of your body much more effectively than interior sprung mattresses, or bespoke mattresses which are made from foam.

The sophisticated way that a pocket sprung mattress is construction ensures that any movement that your partner makes during the night does not transfer through the mattress and disturb your sleep. As its estimated that we all make upwards of 80 measurable movements a night, limiting motion transfer with the use of pocketed springs ensures we all wake up feeling more rested and refreshed.

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Natural Fillings

We use natural fillings whenever we can. Not only are natural materials breathable and often hypoallergenic, they are also sustainable, and can be widely recycled when your bespoke mattress eventually needs replacing.

Synthetic materials on the other hand, like memory foam, petroleum-based rubber and latex are non-porous, making them great materials for the production of insulation, wellington boots and birthday balloons, but not ideally suited for something you intend to sleep on in your bedroom. They are hot and unhygienic, breathe poorly, retain moisture and hold in heat. When used in a mattress they contain glues and solvents which will slowly evaporate creating an odour.

All the above being said, if we were to find breathable, sustainable, man-made fibres which performed better than the lambswool, cotton, horsehair and cashmere we use in our bespoke mattresses we would of course consider using them: we just haven’t found any yet…

As well as making all our bespoke mattresses with natural fillings we also upholster using a cotton ticking for the most luxurious and comfortable finish.