Considering we spend around 26 years of our lives asleep, it’s be a wise choice to look after your bed.

Yes we clean our sheets and bed linen every fortnight, (or at least we should do) but how much time and care do we put into the most important aspect of our beds;

The mattress.

They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but without these your night’s sleep wouldn’t be as sound. But what does it take to keep it in working order?

Here are a few handy tips to keep your mattress in tip-top condition.

On the flip side

You’ll have heard about this one, but how many of you actually do it?

Although it’s quite a laborious task, flipping your mattress every six months or so will ensure even wear across it, and that you aren’t sleeping in the same place day after day, which can cause damage to the internal springs.

(Note that the mattress should be flipped side to side and top to toe)

Let it breathe

Work away a lot or going on holiday?

When you’re away, it’s a great idea to strip your bed and let it air out, which allows for ventilation and can tackle any bed bugs that may be present.

Simply remove your sheets, any mattress covers and all bed linen.

If possible, it’s advised to put the mattress outside for an hour or so, but if you can’t, just make sure that the exposed mattress is placed near an open window.

Sitting on the edge

Whether it be tying your shoelaces, putting on your socks or just in need of a comfy seat, we all sit on the edge of our beds.

Sitting on the edge for too long can cause it to sag, which can have a long-lasting and negative affect on the quality of your mattress.

May I suggest a chair?

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Featured Image Credit: / greenp (Via Custard Online Marketing)