Here at The Odd Company, we want our customers to enjoy their made-to-measure mattress for as long as possible. Our bespoke, luxury mattresses are all handcrafted, with each being carefully designed to relieve pressure points and ensure your body’s natural posture is supported while you sleep.

Mattress care and maintenance is crucial to ensuring that you get the very most out of your mattress night after night. Our team of experts has created this guide to help our clients extend the life of their mattress. By following these few simple steps, you can protect your bespoke mattress, ensuring it continues to support your body correctly over many years. 

1. Turning Your Mattress

The most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your mattress is to turn and rotate it regularly. Start by initially turning the mattress so the sleeping surface becomes the bottom surface. Two weeks later the mattress should be rotated meaning the headend of the mattress becomes the foot-end and vice versa. This process should be repeated every second week for the first three months following delivery. Thereafter turning can be performed less frequently but at least once a season.

The turning of your mattress is crucial in the first three months of use, as it aids with the ‘bedding in’ of the mattress’s natural fillings. Continued turning and rotating also ensures the mattress enjoys equal wear on all sides and an even settlement of the fillings across the mattress. 

2. Mattress Protectors

It is extremely important to use a mattress protector to maintain a hygienic sleeping environment and extend the life of your mattress. A mattress protector should always be used beneath a top sheet to prevent perspiration and oils, which leave the body while we sleep, penetrating the mattresses upholstery and being absorbed by the natural filings beneath. Over time, perspiration in particular will break down the fibres and fillings within the mattress and can result in your mattress needing to be replaced sooner than would normally be necessary. 

A mattress protector provides an additional layer between the body and the mattress which can be easily removed and washed along with the rest of your bedding thereby helping to preserve the condition of your luxury mattress for longer. Find your beautiful mattress protector today, from The Odd Company. 

3. Airing Your Mattress

Airing is another important way to look after and maintain the hygiene of your mattress. By regularly airing the bed you help prevent perspiration and other unwelcome moisture from being retained within the mattresses upholstery fibres and fillings. 

Airing your mattress involves moving the pillows off the bed and pulling back the top cover for at least twenty minutes each day – it is not necessary to remove the top sheet or mattress protector. By doing this you allow air to circulate through the fillings which causes any perspiration to evaporate into the air leaving your mattress refreshed, and ready to provide another excellent night’s sleep. 

4. Don’t Bend Or Jump On It

Though we know this may not be your first instinct, it’s worth noting that it is important not to allow young children to jump on the mattress! Jumping on the mattress, and indeed, bending the mattress can cause irreparable damage to the internal spring system of the mattress. This is important to remember when transporting the mattress, too – make sure when storing or moving that the mattress is kept as straight as possible, and not bent or rolled.

5. New Mattress, Old Bed Base

Using a new mattress on an old, unsupportive bed base is a sure-fire way to significantly reduce the life of your new made-to-measure mattress. Your bespoke mattress is designed to mould itself to your body when you’re lying on top of it. It follows that if the mattress is placed on an unsupportive surface, or lumpy surface it will mould in exactly the same way! A mattress which is used with an unstable or unsupportive bed base or divan, will quickly feel as if its sagging and will not provide quality, restorative sleep. Additionally, such a surface will cause the rapid deterioration of the interior spring system, meaning the mattress will need to replacing sooner.

To avoid your bespoke mattress moulding itself to a weakened or distorted bed base or divan, place your new mattress on a new bed base from The Odd Company. We offer bespoke bed bases and divans to suit whatever shape, size and depth you require.  

6. Bespoke Mattress = Bespoke Bedding 

Finally, to truly enjoy the luxurious comfort and support of a made-to-measure mattress, you need to cover it with the best! With The Odd Company bedding, find Egyptian cotton sheets with a 400 thread count, to create the perfect sleeping surface making every night one of true, unspoilt comfort. 

If you’d like to speak to a member of our expert team about how to make the most of your made-to-measure mattress, or creating a new bespoke mattress, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be only too happy to help you.