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Luxury mattresses made with the finest natural materials for a good night’s sleep, every night.

Achieving quality sleep, night after night, has a significant impact on our health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that eight hours of deep, restful sleep a night can dramatically improve both your physical and mental health. Opting to sleep on a luxury mattress that can create the conditions for restful sleep therefore has the potential to improve the hours you spend awake.

There are a range of factors that go into making a luxury mattress, each of which adds quality and makes for a better night’s sleep. Our luxury mattresses are made with natural, high-quality materials such as lambswool, horsehair and cashmere fillings and are upholstered in a breathable cotton cover.

These natural materials aren’t just comfortable, they also have temperature-moderating properties which make them perfect for use in a mattress. One of our luxury mattresses will help keep you comfortably warm in the winter and cool in the summer, by wicking moisture away from the body, and regulating air flow through the mattress.

Luxury mattresses made to order

We recognise that a luxury mattress represents an investment and as such, it is important that all your needs are fully understood before work begins on crafting it for you.

We work closely with you to help you decide which handmade luxury mattress will best suit your requirements. As our mattresses are made to measure, you can specify the length, width and depth to maintain the aesthetic of your bed and ensure your luxury mattress is a perfect fit.

Have you got a body prone to aches and pains or do you suffer from household allergies? Our bespoke service means that all your needs can be identified and factored in to the design and construction of your fully sprung luxury mattress.

Only ever fully sprung…

Our luxury mattresses are always fully sprung using the highest quality British manufactured steel springs. At The Odd Company we only ever make fully sprung mattresses, as in our view no other system offers your body a comparable level of support and comfort while you sleep.

All or our luxury mattresses use a pocket sprung spring system. As the name suggests, each 15 cm (6 inch) deep spring sits in its own individual fabric pocket, which allows each one to move independently from those around it. Pocket sprung mattresses can therefore adapt and fit to the contours of your body much more effectively than interior sprung mattresses, or bespoke mattresses which have foam at their core. This independence also means that should your partner move during the course of the night – its estimated we all make upwards of 80 ‘measurable’ movements while we sleep – you remain harmoniously undisturbed.

Natural Materials


We use natural fillings whenever we can. Not only are natural materials often hypoallergenic, they are also sustainable, and can be widely recycled when your bespoke mattress eventually needs replacing.

Synthetic materials like memory foam, petroleum-based rubber and latex are non-porous, making them great materials for the production of insulation, wellington boots and birthday balloons, but which should be kept out of the bedroom as much as possible. They are hot and unhygienic, breathe poorly, retain moisture and hold in heat. They also contain glues and solvents, which of course, evaporate creating an odour. That being said, if we were to find breathable, sustainable, man-made fibres which performed better than the fillings listed below for our bespoke mattresses we would of course consider using them: we just haven’t found any yet…

Because all of our mattresses use natural fillings, they’re hypoallergenic, non-irritable, and breathable. We use a cotton ticking to upholster our bespoke mattresses, for a most luxurious and comfortable finish.

A natural fibre which has been grown and harvested for the production of textiles and clothing for many centuries. This uniquely breathable and naturally absorbent filling is used in the construction of our mattresses, due to its ability to naturally wick away moisture, ensuring restful sleep.

A natural material which has played an important role in the British economy since the medieval period, and whose trade was once described as the ‘jewel in the crown of the realm’. Wool brings a number of benefits to a mattress. Unlike synthetic fibres which tend to trap and hold moisture and heat, wool’s structural composition makes it great at regulating temperature. Wool, like cotton, is also incredibly breathable, wicking away moisture and ensuring you stay cosy during winter months and cool during summer ones. It is thanks to these properties that we use it as a filling in some of our highest specification mattresses.

For hundreds of years horsehair has been an important filling in mattresses of the highest specification. Before the interior and later pocket spring system were invented each strand of curled hair acted like a tiny spring, creating support and elasticity within the mattress. We continue to use horsehair today for this exact same reason – think of it as providing an extra layer of natural micro-spring close to the sleeping surface, to complement the pocket sprung system found in the mattress core. Additionally the fluted structure which each strand forms channels moisture and heat away from the body while you sleep, replacing it with cooler, fresher air over the course of the night.


The coat of the Kashmir goat is considered one of the most luxurious wools available, its fine fibres – half the width of sheep’s wool – make it incredibly soft and springy to the touch and therefore one of the finest fillings that can be used in your mattress.

The goats take their name from the Kashmir region in the Indian subcontinent in which they were first found, an environment which is subject to extreme fluctuations in temperature. Cashmere like other wools is therefore an excellent regulator of heat. It is best to think of cashmere as a natural, silent air conditioning unit built into your bed,. The structure of each hair is such that it directs heat along the fibre to be released into the cooler environment. When it is cold, cashmere’s crimp – the natural waviness of each hair, traps large volumes of air between its fibres, creating an insulation layer which holds heat.

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