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Experience dream-worthy sleep with our range of US mattresses thoughtfully curated to cater to your specific sleep preferences. Whether you seek the cosy comfort of a twin bed, the spaciousness of a California king bed, or the perfect balance of a queen size bed, we have the ideal mattress for you. With a commitment to providing exceptional support and unmatched comfort, our US mattresses are designed to ensure that you wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day ahead. Explore our extensive collection now and discover the key to unlocking your best sleep yet.

Follow the lead of our American cousins with a US size mattress from The Odd Company

If you are the owner of an American sized bed you will know that standard UK-sized mattresses are not a good fit. American sized mattresses are made to imperial as opposed to metric dimensions and tend to be longer and sometimes wider than the standard sized mattresses made in the UK. This poses a problem for those who own an American size bed and live in the UK as travelling across the Atlantic to purchase a new mattress just isn’t practical.

At The Odd Company we make mattresses to fit American bed sizes which are fully sprung, handmade, and filled with layers of deep natural fibre fillings. Our American sized mattresses are made with the same care and attention to detail as our standard-sized mattresses. The result is a comfortable, luxurious, and supportive mattress, which will fit your American sized bed perfectly.

Whether you are looking for a mattress for your Californian King, US Queen or Twin sized bed we can can help. Whatever the dimensions of your American bed, our mattresses can be made to the required size to ensure a perfect fit. As with all our European, bespoke and standard sized mattresses, we only use the highest-quality natural materials; from our lambswool, horsehair and cashmere fillings, to the steel used in our spring systems and the cotton fabrics used in the mattress upholstery.

If you need more information about the difference between a British and an American Mattresses, this blog is full of useful advice.

Does my bed need an American sized mattress?

American mattress manufacturers design beds with a very different sizing scale. Starting at ‘Twin’, and ranging up to ‘California King’, the sizes do not mirror English standards at all. The only direct translation is what Americans describe as the ‘Full’-size, which correlates to the standard UK Double. All others, as evidenced by the below table, have very little in common with one another.

US Size US Dimensions UK Size UK Dimensions
Twin 38” x 75” (3’2” x 6’3”) Single 36” x 75” (3’0” x 6’3”)
Twin XL 38” x 80” (3’2” x 6’8”)
Small Double – ¾ Size 48” x 75” (4’0” x 6’3”)
Full 54” x 75” (4’6” x 6’3”) Double 54” x 75” (4’6” x 6’3”)
Queen 60” x 80” (5’0” x 6’8”) King 60” x 78” (5’0” x 6’6”)
King 76” x 80”  6’4” x 6’8”)
California King 72” x 84” (6’0” x 7’0”) Super King 72” x 78” (6’0” x 6’6”)

As you can see there is very little correlation between the two different sizing standards! American mattresses tend to be either wider, longer, or both wider and longer than their British counterparts, and for that reason it is difficult to establish a true ‘translated’ size.

Are there any other differences between British and an American mattress? 

It is common for American mattresses to sit on top of a “box spring”. For those unfamiliar with this terminology, this means that the bed base on which the mattress sits incorporates a spring system similar to those found within the mattress. Known in the UK as a sprung bed base or sprung divan bed, this box spring supports your mattress better than a slatted or hard top base, reducing wear on the spring system contained within the mattress and extending mattress life.

Where can I get a US mattress and bed base in the UK? 

Whether you want a standard American sized mattress, or something made bespoke to suit your particular needs, The Odd Company are here to help! Simply get in touch with us and a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and offer tailored advice.

Always Fully Sprung

All our mattresses, including those we make to an American size are always fully sprung using the highest quality British manufactured steel springs. At The Odd Company, we only ever make fully sprung mattresses, as in our view no other system offers your body a comparable level of support and comfort while you sleep.

Our American sized mattress are all made with a pocket spring. The pocket spring systems we use contain between 1000 to 3000 individual springs which are all encased in a fabric pocket. This compartment prevents the spring falling over with the mattress and crucially also allows each spring the freedom to move independently from those around it. Pocket sprung mattresses can therefore effectively adapt and support the contours of your body while at rest.

The sophisticated way that a pocket sprung mattress is construction also limits ‘motion transfer’ ensures that any movement that your partner makes during the night does not transfer through the mattress and disturb your sleep.

Natural Fillings

Our American sized mattress are always filled with natural fillings such as cotton, lambswool, horsehair and cashmere. Not only are natural materials breathable and often hypoallergenic, they are also sustainable, and can be widely recycled when your American mattress eventually needs replacing.

Synthetic materials like memory foam, rubber and man made latex on the other hand are non-porous, making them great materials for the production of insulation, wellington boots and birthday balloons, but not ideally suited for something you intend to sleep on in your bedroom. They are hot and unhygienic, breathe poorly, retain moisture and hold in heat. When these synthetic materials are used within a mattress they will often be bonded together with solvents which will slowly evaporate creating an odour.

As well as making all our American sized mattresses with natural fillings we also upholster using a cotton ticking for the most luxurious and comfortable finish.


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