Finding that perfect piece of furniture can be a special moment. Whether it’s a dining room table you’ve spent months scouring auction houses to find, or an amazing mid-century sideboard that brings a room together – we know how important it is to fall in love with that statement piece. As furniture goes, your bed, be it Victoria, art deco or modern is right up there as a staple which needs to channel your personal style, and with the average adult requiring eight hours of sleep a night, there is after all no other piece of furniture which we spend as much time using! 

It’s important to choose a bed you truly love, and then combine it with a mattress which supports your body and allows you to relax. If the signature piece in your bedroom was made prior to the 1950s, or was imported from abroad, it is likely it will not conform to modern day standard sizing and therefore will require a bespoke, custom-sized mattress. There are of course other reasons why a customer size mattress might be necessary. In this guide from The Odd Company, we’ll outline what a custom size mattress is, why a custom size mattress is so important, and where you can find one.

What is a custom size mattress? 

A custom size, bespoke or made-to-measure mattress is, of course, a mattress designed and created specifically to meet the requirements of the customer. If you have an antique bed frame, an unusually-shaped bedroom or perhaps a bed which has been imported from European or the United States, you may well require a custom mattress. Custom size mattresses are also often necessary in more compact spaces, like the berths of a superyacht or in box rooms. Whatever your reasons for needing a custom mattress – The Odd Company is here to help. 

Here at The Odd Company, made-to-measure mattresses are our speciality. Each of our mattresses is handcrafted by our experts, using time honoured techniques which have been perfected over many years.  At their core all our mattresses use open coil or pocketed spring systems, and are then filled and finished with the finest natural materials. A bespoke mattress can be custom-made especially for you and to your exact specifications. At The Odd Company, we’ve made mattresses of all shapes and sizes – from round mattresses to those which are up to 3 metres square! If you need assistance to work out the size of mattress which would best suit your needs – our team of experts are always happy to help

Why is it so important to get a custom mattress?

There is of course a myriad of reasons why you may need a custom mattress. A bed of a non standard size as previously mentioned is the most common reason you would choose to have a mattress made specially for you. You however may also have restrictive access in the form of low doorways or a tight staircase which makes delivering a larger mattress when made in one piece impossible. In such cases a mattress made zip to link is a custom solution which should be considered. The mattress is made to your required dimensions but in two sections with zips along the long edges which are used to fasten the mattresses together once on the bed.

Another important reason why you would choose a custom mattress could be on account of needing cut out corners or a rounded edge. Cut-outs are often required when using a mattress on a four poster bed with a rounded end being necessary when a bed has been designed to the French corbeille style. 

Finally a custom mattress will, unlike its mass produced counterparts, be made using some of the highest quality natural materials. These may include lambswool, cashmere and horsehair all of which have impressive heat regulating properties which help us maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the night regardless of the time of year. 

Avoid unnecessary stress and tension on your body, and invest in your health and future, when you choose a custom mattress from The Odd Company. 

Where can you get a custom size mattress? 

If you’re considering a custom size mattress, you’re already in the right place! Call us today on 01772 786666 to speak to a member of our expert team about your needs, and we’ll be only too happy to help you. Find your perfect mattress today, from The Odd Company.