For so many of us, getting the perfect night’s sleep is essential. Increasingly, research underlines the importance of a full eight hours’ rest – with every part of our bodies requiring the rejuvenation that accompanies a proper night of slumber. How we achieve this varies from person to person – sleeping positions, routine and timings all differ depending on our bodies and preferences. 

Alongside a supportive mattress, one thing many of us need is a bed which provides us with enough space. Whether you prefer to curl up into a ball, or spread out like a starfish when you sleep, finding the room to stretch, roll, and move, is what transforms a good night’s sleep into a great one. For many people, this means finding a mattress large enough to fit both themselves and their partner comfortably, whilst ensuring the natural curve of your spine is correctly supported. If you are unsure where you can find a bespoke large mattress to fit your needs, look no further than The Odd Company. 

Large Mattresses from The Odd Company

The Odd Company is experienced in producing not only standard size mattresses, but bespoke large mattresses to almost any specification. Whether you require a longer mattress to ensure your feet no longer poke out over the end of the bed, or a wider mattress to accommodate the most rigorous sleep induced movements, The Odd Company are able to create the perfect large mattress for you. 

For conventional mattress manufacturers, the largest standard mattress size would be a Super King or Emperor, the latter correlating roughly to 215cm x 200cm. Though this may suffice for many people, the Odd Company can make a large mattress to any size. The largest bespoke mattress to date being one with the dimensions 300cm x 300cm – a size now dubbed ‘The Berliner’ within the company after the city that it now calls home! No mattress size or shape is out of reach for The Odd Company; instead, we are guided by your needs. 


Creating Large Mattresses, the Odd Way

At The Odd Company, we never sacrifice quality for size. Although many manufacturers rely on synthetic, petroleum-based foam to create large mattresses, as it is easily cut to any size or shape, they do so at the expense of mattress comfort and support.

At The Odd Company all of our bespoke large mattresses are handmade just like our standard-sized mattresses, with fully sprung spring systems made from the highest quality steel, and natural materials such as cotton, lambswool, horsehair and cashmere used as filings. Each of our mattresses is crafted to ensure a sleeping surface which is the last word in both comfort and support.

Sprung mattresses fully support the curve of your spine, allowing for an even distribution of your body weight across the mattress which allows the muscles surrounding the spine to get the rest they need. We use natural fillings in all our mattresses and upholster in cotton as these materials are excellent heat regulators keeping you cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. What is more our natural fillings are fully recyclable and once no longer needed will return to the earth as nature intended.

Odds & Sods For Your Large Mattress 

Whether you need a mattress with an extra wide width, or longer length, The Odd Company can create a bespoke mattress to meet your exact requirements. We also manufacture divan beds to any size or shape to perfectly compliment your new mattress. Our bespoke size divans can incorporate a spring system, often referred to as a box spring, or be designed with a firm top surface.  All bespoke divans are upholstered in either one of our inhouse fabrics, or a supplied fabric on request. Additionally, our bespoke size divans can be designed to incorporate drawers and ottoman storage if required. 

Finding luxury bedding to fit a larger, wider or deeper bespoke mattress can pose a problem, which is why The Odd Company is now able to offer high-quality cotton bedding created especially for your mattress. No matter the size, shape, or dimensions of bedding you require, The Odd Company can produce sheets and mattress protectors which are the perfect fit. 

If you are in need of a tailor made large mattress, or simply wish to chat through the available options, please do get in touch with us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.