We’ve all been there – you’re getting comfortable and cosy in bed, moving and stretching out on your mattress, and then suddenly you find that your feet are hanging off the end. A regular problem for those of us who are a little taller than average, and a familiar scenario to the many of us who like room to move and extend as we sleep. As we’ve written before, disrupted sleep from an inadequate mattress can have far-reaching consequences for your health, happiness and energy levels. In the following article we will explain how to ensure your mattress is the right size to help you achieve those eight hours of restful slumber.  

What length mattress can The Odd Company provide? 

At The Odd Company, any length of mattress is possible. We really mean it; in the past we’ve created mattresses up to 300cm long (that equates to 9’8”!). The only limitations are the space available in your bedroom and whether or not your extra-long bespoke mattress can fit through the front door and up your staircase…

We advise that all mattresses must be at a minimum 4” (approximately 10 centimetres) longer than your height. This is because none of us stay motionless through the course of a night’s sleep, and will instead move up and down the bed as we change sleeping position. A mattress therefore which doesn’t offer this 4” buffer will likely result in your limbs being unceremoniously exposed from beneath your duvet and left dangling over the edge of the bed. 

At The Odd Company, we are always guided by your requirements. We aren’t restricted to working to any pre-set lengths – instead, we listen to our clients and make a mattress with a length which is most appropriate for them.


Is the spring count affected when opting for an extra-long mattress?

This is a question we are sometimes asked by clients who would like an extra-long mattress but are concerned that opting to do so will mean the listed spring count is spread out over a larger area, reducing the support offered.

At The Odd Company, the listed spring count is always the number of springs used in a standard 5’0″ x 6’6″ (King size) mattress. If your mattress is longer than standard it will contain a spring count proportional to its size based on the King size equivalent. In other words the Odd way of manufacturing mattresses means the number of springs in a square foot remains the same regardless of the length or width of the mattress you opt for.

Spring count is important as the higher the number of springs the better able the mattress is at supporting the natural shape formed by our bodies while sleeping. If the body can be correctly supported your muscles are able to relax and you wake feeling rested and refreshed.

Production of your extra-long bespoke mattress 

We hand-make extra long mattresses using exactly the same techniques we use in the creation of all our standard size and made-to-measure mattresses. Each of our mattresses are fully sprung and use deep, natural fillings such as cotton, lambswool, horsehair and cashmere to create a sumptuous and supportive sleeping surface.

We know that many of our clients who wish to have an extra-long bespoke mattress may then struggle to find a bed, and bedding with which they can use with it. At The Odd Company, alongside made-to-measure mattresses, we also offer extra-long divans and luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton fitted sheets and fitted cotton mattress protectors, all of which are tailored to fit your new mattress perfectly.

An extra-long bespoke mattress from The Odd Company is designed to cater to those of us who, for whatever reason, need a few more inches at the end of their bed. If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch and a friendly member of our team would be happy to assist in providing more details and answering any questions you might have.