Suits, shoes, mattresses – some things are just better made-to-measure. Here at The Odd Company, we believe that a made-to-measure mattress is the only way to create the environment for perfect sleep, every night. Designed for you, your made-to-measure mattress will be to the shape and size you specify. But what is the process of designing and buying your made-to-measure mattress from The Odd Company?

Initial consultation 

The first stage of the process is your initial consultation with one of our experts. They will have an in-depth discussion with you to better understand your needs and requirements. This will be question-led and will focus on what room in the house the mattress is intended to be used, and who will be sleeping on the mattress. We make a range of mattresses some of which are better suited for use by a child, in a second bedroom or master bedroom. Getting a sense of your needs helps us to provide guidance on which mattresses from our range would be most suitable.


Once we know a little more about the mattresses intended use, we will of course need to then know the required dimensions. At The Odd Company we proudly make each of our mattresses to your specific dimensions to ensure a perfect fit. All our spring systems are made especially for each of our customers, meaning unlike some manufacturers we are not limited to making mattresses in 3” increments, our mattresses can be made to any size.

Our made to measure mattresses can also be made with additional special features. For instance, cut out or curved corners, necessary for a four-poster or demi corbeille beds, or zipped to link. Zipping to link allows for the mattress to be made in two sections which are then linked together by way of a zip once in the bedroom. Zipping and linking is a popular option when a larger mattress is required but access to the bedroom might be difficult, or where the customer is concerned they may be unable to turn the mattress if it was to be made in one piece.

As an optional extra, we can also hand side-stitch your mattress. This process creates a more supportive edge to the mattress by binding the side of the mattress to the spring system. Adding side stitching might be a consideration when opting for the Canterbury or Windsor, as mattresses from the Richmond upwards come hand side stitched as standard.

If you require a bespoke mattress it is likely you will also require bespoke bedding, as standard sized mattress protectors and sheets will not always fit your made-to-measure mattress. At The Odd Company, we make silky-soft, Egyptian cotton fitted sheets in a range of thread counts, and fitted quilted and unquilted mattress protectors.


Each of our mattresses is fully sprung, and handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Only the finest natural fillings are used with our pocket sprung spring systems to create a deep, luxurious mattress surface which correctly supports your body. Cashmere, lambswool, and curled horse hair have heat regulating properties which make them act like a natural air conditioning unit within the mattress, keeping you feeling cool and comfortable throughout the course of a night’s sleep. These fillings are also biodegradable meaning when eventually the time comes they will return to the earth as nature intended. 


We paused production at our factory in line with government guidelines, however, we are now back up and running and complying with all safety regulations. 

Our aim is to produce and deliver your mattress within 4-6 weeks of your order being placed. We always endeavour to provide our clients with a week’s notice of delivery in order to allow the appropriate arrangements to be made for receipt of your new mattress.

We complete the vast majority of our deliveries ourselves which allows us to make sure that we have sight of and control over the delivery of your brand-new mattress all the way to your front door.  Each member of The Odd Company delivery team is delivering in accordance with the safety regulations in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will be guided by you as to how you would like the delivery to take place. 


Finally, our support doesn’t stop at delivery! Two weeks after receiving your brand new made-to-measure mattress, we’ll check in with a follow-up email. This will allow you to let us know how you’re getting on, and allow us to remind you to turn your mattress for the first time.  If you have any queries, you can of course get in touch with our team at any time: at The Odd Company, our priority is ensuring that you get deep restful sleep, night after night.