As any interior design expert will know, there’s nothing better than finding that antique piece which will truly transform your (or your client’s) bedroom. An antique four-poster bed is one of the most beautiful and striking additions to any bedroom, and a purchase which stays with many people for life. Termed ‘the bed of kings, and the king of beds’, a four-poster is instant classic style; creating a haven of comfort and indulgence in the heart of your home.

For many people, finding mattresses for antique beds is a little more difficult. Finding a mattress which will provide you with adequate support, as well as indulgent comfort and breathability, can be difficult with a conventional bed frame. Finding a bespoke mattress for a four-poster bed, never mind an antique bed, is quite a challenge.

Relax like a king in your antique four-poster bed, with a bespoke mattress from The Odd Company. 

The importance of a bespoke mattress 

Bespoke mattresses are key for any good nights’ sleep – but vital in a four-poster bed. The key aspect is cut-out corners, necessary to ensure your mattress fits perfectly in its four-poster frame. Here at  The Odd Company, we can make any size, shape or depth of mattress with any size, shape or depth of corners. 

We typically advise clients to get four cut-out corners even if the frame itself has only two indents. This is due to the fact that turning or rotating the mattress is vital to ensure mattress longevity and health; allowing the fillings to settle evenly as well as ensuring constant and consistent support for your body. With four cut-out corners, you are therefore able to rotate and turn the mattress fully and allow the fillings to settle. 

In addition, The Odd Company always makes every single one of our bespoke four poster mattresses with pocket springs, paired with the finest natural breathable fillings. Whether lambswool, horsehair, or cashmere, our natural fillings allow for true comfort on top of support.  These natural fillings are not only supportive and soft, but allow air to pass through their material – letting your body remain cool in summer and warm in winter, regulating its temperature without being stifled by thick, cheap foam. 

The importance of a bespoke mattress is further underlined by the fact that antique four-poster beds will often come in a non-standard size, which do not adhere to today’s standardised sizes of double, king-size, or super-king.

The Odd Company can make your mattress to any length or width for a perfect fit; supporting your body perfectly whilst adhering to the curves of your bed frame.

Extras & Additions

In addition, The Odd Company is able to create bespoke bed bases for any of our mattresses, which will suit your antique bed both in style, aesthetic and structure. Supporting your bespoke mattress with an antique bed base is not sufficient and risks the lifespan of your mattress; finding a bed base from The Odd Company means your mattress is sufficiently supported, and there for you to enjoy for longer. With our bespoke bed bases available, your mattress will be able to be fully supported regardless of the age or provenance of your bed. 

Replacing the bed base at the same time as your mattress means we can create your bed base and mattress to the perfect dimensions; with any shape, depth or size. Our bespoke bedding range, too, also allows us to create your perfect cotton mattress covers and sheets. Made from percale weave, our luxurious cotton mattress protector and sheets guarantee the long life of your bespoke mattress as well as affording you breathability and, of course, indulgent comfort. 

To find out more about our bespoke mattresses for antique four-poster beds, mattress protectors and bedding, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our experts will be only too happy to help you.