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Bespoke short mattresses for small rooms, from The Odd Company

Picture the scene: you’ve almost finished creating the bedroom of your dreams. The walls are freshly painted, the furniture is perfect, and all you need is that luxurious, blissfully comfortable bed. But when the time comes to assemble the bed frame – it quickly becomes apparent that you can barely squeeze past the end of […]

Where can you find large mattresses? 

For so many of us, getting the perfect night’s sleep is essential. Increasingly, research underlines the importance of a full eight hours’ rest – with every part of our bodies requiring the rejuvenation that accompanies a proper night of slumber. How we achieve this varies from person to person – sleeping positions, routine and timings […]

How Are Bespoke Mattresses Made?

Are you wondering how our bespoke mattresses are made? It’s all about listening and responding to the personal preferences and requirements of our customers. Each of our bespoke mattresses are made with exceptional attention to detail and careful consideration of how each element will affect overall comfort and feel. These are some of the key […]

Choosing The Right Caravan Mattress

Everybody knows the value of a comfortable mattress, so when you’re on holiday in your caravan or campervan, it’s no different. Whether you get away at weekends or are on the road full time, a comfortable mattress will be the difference between a good or bad night’s sleep. However, caravans come in all shapes and […]

What is Social Jet Lag and How Can It Affect Your Sleep?

Everyone hates the sound of their alarm in the morning, and so when the weekend rolls around, turning off your alarm (or at least setting it a little later!) is more than satisfying. If you work the usual 9-5 routine or study during the week, chances are you’re using the weekend to catch up with […]

The Best Kids Bedroom Ideas

A kid’s bedroom is a place to let their creativity and imagination run wild, so the last thing you’d want in there is some bare white walls. If wallpapering and paste sounds like something you’d only have nightmares about, worry not. Our useful tips on colour, storage and a short mattress size, will have that […]

How to Optimise Your Sleep Schedule

  Sleep is vital for your body, allowing for growth, rest and repair. However, as with anything, too much of a good thing can be bad. Oversleeping comes with a set of dangers attached, while too little sleep makes it hard for the body to function correctly. Therefore, finding a healthy balance is the trick […]

Sleeping Issues That Could be Caused by Your Mattress

Getting into bed at the end of a long day should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience; a chance to close your eyes, unwind and get some rest. However there are plenty of health problems that can develop as a result of using a mattress that is worn out and has lost its shape, some of […]

Does Your Personality Affect How You Sleep?

There are a number of things that can affect your sleeping pattern, whether it be your bedtime or your exercise routine.  However, did you know that your personality can impact the way you sleep? Over time there have been numerous studies that have found links between certain personality traits and sleep patterns. Your personality, including […]

Four Bad Sleeping Habits You Should Kick for a Better Rest

A good night’s sleep is an essential part to a successful day. Not getting enough sleep will not only make you feel groggy and irritable in the morning, but it will make concentrating and functioning much more difficult. Therefore, when you are finding it hard to settle down and get some shut-eye at night, it […]