If you or your partner are the source of each other’s sleepless nights, a zip and link mattress might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Zip and link mattresses have zips running down the side, allowing you the flexibility of choosing whether you use them as a single or double. Zip them together, and just as easily unzip them apart when required.

For couples with differing mattress preferences, a zip and link mattress could make all the difference. With each side of the bed independent from the other, there’s a whole range of versatile possibilities. Offering flexibility for every sleeping preference, a zip and link bed can be built to different specifications to suit almost any preference.

Why are zip and link mattresses useful?

Couples come in all shapes and sizes, but differing weights don’t have to mean that you have a bad night’s sleep. A split tension mattress allows each partner to have different levels of support in their mattress. If you and your partner prefer different levels of firmness, or one of you prefers a different mattress filling to the other, zip and link mattresses allow you to personalise your side of the bed.

The flexibility of zip and link mattresses mean they are perfect for spaces that need to be adaptable. For use in hospitality, zip and link mattresses are ideal for hotels and guest houses. Zip two narrow mattresses together to create a larger bed, or vice versa – perfect for accommodating families or couples at short notice.

All quality sprung mattresses need to be turned regularly to allow for even settlement. Larger mattresses can be heavy, and regular turning can become a chore – especially on top of other housework commitments. By zipping and linking, each individual mattress will be lighter and can be turned by one person.

Zip and link mattresses also have the benefit of being easier to deliver. Whether you live in an inner-city apartment or a hundred-year-old townhouse, narrow hallways and staircases are hard to navigate with large items of furniture. When they’re separated, zip and link mattresses are narrower than the conventional king or super-king sized mattresses, making them much easier to carry upstairs and then rejoin in the bedroom.

Unnoticeable seams

We know that the tiniest discomfort in bed can cause a restless night, so zip and link mattresses have their zippers positioned at the side of the mattress beneath the seam, not on the top surface. Although the seam between the two halves of the mattress can be seen when uncovered, once a fitted sheet covers the mattress, the join between the two is practically unnoticeable and won’t affect your sleep.

Bed bases for zip and link mattresses

Bespoke bed bases can be manufactured to suit the width or length of any mattress. The dimensions of the bed base for zip and link mattresses will vary depending on whether the mattresses are designed to be used both as a single bed which can be combined together to make a larger bed, or used to give different levels of support for partners of differing weights. Choosing to buy a bespoke bed base is the best solution if you’re buying a zip and link mattress, ensuring a perfect fit.