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We all love the feeling of turning the lights off, getting under the quilt and falling straight to sleep. But if you’re struggling to enjoy the experience, it may be due to your environment.

Your mattress, pillows and duvets all have a major impact on how well – and how easily – you’re able to drift off. So, if you’re struggling to get some quality sleep and you suspect that your worn mattress is to blame, these four things will help you to decide if you need a new one:

How long does a mattress last?

Even though a high-quality mattress will last for years, they don’t last forever. The average mattress will last for around five – eight years but the lifespan of your mattress can depend on many different things. It’s important to replace it when you spot one of these signs (especially considering you spend around a third of your life asleep!):

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You’re experiencing pain

The first sign that you should change your mattress is if you’re waking up feeling sore, achy or in pain. If your back, neck and shoulders are cramping throughout the night, you’ll wake up with sore muscles which can seriously affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Uneven or saggy mattresses are the most common reason for this and you should consider replacing it as soon as possible.

You’re not sleeping well

The most obvious sign that you’ll need to replace your mattress is that you have not slept a wink. Whether you’re waking through the night to find a comfortable spot or simply struggling to drift off, sleeping issues are one sign that a mattress that needs to be changed.

Your mattress is worn

If you’re noticing that your worn mattress is showing lumps and bumps, it could be a hint that you should treat yourself to a replacement.

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A mattress that is worn in certain areas could be a result of sleeping in the same position for weeks, months or even years. Once this happens, the springs within the mattress become tired and will not be able to support your body as well.

When purchasing a new mattress, you should make sure to turn it regularly to prolong its life.

Your mattress is dirty

Because we spend so much of our lives sleeping, you’ll be surprised to learn that mattresses are one of the greatest breeding grounds for bacteria in our homes. With limited cleaning options available that promise to maintain the comfortable structure, you may struggle to get rid of these bugs without getting a new mattress.

Dead skin cells collect over time, along with dust mites, germs and other bacteria, so replacing your mattress can help get rid of these and allow you to get a comfortable rest.

As you can see, replacing your mattress when one of the signs begin to appear is extremely important. Along with helping your chances of beating insomnia, a new mattress can help you get a better night’s sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed.

If you need help to choose the best mattress for your needs, contact a mattress specialist today. We have years of experience in advising people on the best type, shape and filling that suits their needs and we’re sure that we can help you too.