Mattress recycling

Join us on a journey towards sustainable snoozing

Here you can find our handy guide to mattress recycling. We’ll talk you through everything you need to know about responsible mattress disposal. This guide will help you navigate the options and find the best solution for you and the environment.

Sleep soundly, dispose responsibly

Ever wondered what happens to your old mattress when you upgrade to a new one? Unfortunately, many end up in landfills, taking up valuable space and harming the environment. At The Odd Company, we believe in responsible mattress removal and offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for mattress & divan disposal and recycling.

Why recycle your mattress with us?

  • Hassle-free: Just say goodbye to your old mattress on delivery day. We’ll handle the rest.
  • Environmentally friendly: We divert mattresses from landfills and ensure their components are recycled and reused.
  • Peace of mind: Know your old mattress is disposed of responsibly and ethically.
  • Affordable: Our flat fee of £50 makes recycling accessible and convenient.

Our recycling service

Here’s how it works:

  • Schedule your mattress delivery: Mention mattress removal and recycling during your order process
  • On delivery day: Our team will remove your old mattress and divan from your ground floor (additional fees apply for other locations).
  • Recycle and reuse: We separate the mattress components and send them for responsible processing and reuse in new products

We will remove and recycle any additional mattresses or divans for £25.00 each. We responsibly dispose of all packaging from your new mattress.
By choosing our mattress removal and recycling service, you’re not just getting a comfortable new sleep surface, you’re also making a positive impact on the environment. Sleep soundly knowing you’ve disposed of your old mattress responsibly.

Some small print: For safety reasons, we reserve the right to refuse collection of certain items. In some cases, deliveries may be handled by third-party couriers, in which case our removal service might not be available.

So, what happens to your mattress?

Wondering what happens to your old bed and mattress? No need to toss and turn about it! We give them a brand new life through meticulous recycling:

  • First, we unzip the mystery: Your mattress gets carefully disassembled, separating each material like metal springs, cosy polyester padding, and supportive foam. These are then compacted into tidy bales for efficient transport.
  • Metal springs get a makeover: Off they go to a recycling plant, where they’re transformed into shiny new light iron products. Imagine them becoming parts of cars, bikes, or even tools!
  • Polyester padding gets comfy again: This versatile material finds a new home in the fibre blending industry, where it can be used for things like pet cushions (so your furry friend can snooze in style!).
  • Foam gets a power boost: Some foam journeys to a waste-to-energy plant, where it’s converted into clean energy. Other foam gets a good scrub and becomes comfy carpet underlay, providing support for your steps.
  • Mattress covers get greener pastures: While hygiene makes traditional recycling tricky, they’re given a second chance as fuel, replacing fossil fuels and creating heat and energy in an eco-friendly way.

We’re constantly exploring new ways to up-cycle and close the loop on every part of your mattress, working hand-in-hand with our recycling partners.

What to do before you recycle your mattress?

  • Check the condition: If your mattress is in good shape, consider donating it to a shelter, charity, or someone in need. This option extends its life and helps those who may not afford a new one.
  • Prepare your mattress: Remove any bedding, box springs, or accessories. If donating, clean the mattress thoroughly to remove stains and odours.

What other mattress recycling options are there?

Local Recycling Centre
Your local authority may offer a removal and disposal service however they may not be able to guarantee your mattress won’t be sent to landfill after collection. Check their website or call to confirm their policy and any size or condition restrictions.

Specialty Mattress Recycling Companies
These companies often offer convenient pick-up services and ensure proper recycling of all mattress components. Fees may apply, but their expertise guarantees responsible disposal.

If your mattress is still in good usable condition, consider donating it to a charity, shelter, or local organisation that helps those in need. This reduces waste and provides someone with a comfortable sleeping surface.

And finally, here 3 top tips for responsible mattress disposal

1. Never burn your mattress: Burning releases harmful toxins and air pollutants.
2. Ask questions: Ensure the recycling facility or company uses responsible practices and processes all materials properly.
3. Compare costs and convenience: Find the option that best fits your budget and needs.