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At The Odd Company we specialise in made to measure mattresses of all shapes and sizes, without compromising on quality.

Whether you’re dreaming of a sumptuous oversized bed or something more compact, our made to measure mattress service has got you covered. And it’s not all about size either; no matter how unique or complex your bedroom designs, we’re ready to create the mattress of your dreams.

We love the new challenges that each made to measure mattress brings, but we certainly aren’t new to this. For the last 30 years we have been hand making, fully sprung mattresses to accommodate beds, and rooms of any size or shape. We have a question led approach to fully understand your needs, ensuring important details are never overlooked. This allows us to provide the best possible advise on spring count and the type and depth of fillings which would best suit your mattress requirements.

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Whatever the size, we can make it

Made to Measure Mattress Price List

Below is a guide to some of our most common made to measure mattress sizes, however, we recommend getting in touch for a custom quote.


Do I need a made to measure mattress?

If your bed frame falls outside of the standard UK measurements, you will need a custom made mattress. Using the wrong size mattress can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep and physical wellbeing. We can tailor the length and width of any of our standard mattresses, or create a completely bespoke mattress using your own measurements or designs. Whatever your mattress requirements, we will walk you through the entire process.

Can I order an Odd Shaped Mattress?

Yes, absolutely! Just like our name suggests, The Odd Company specialises in odd sized mattresses. For those of you who prefer a more unique take on your interiors, we can create a custom built mattress from your own designs, in ANY shape or size. Made to measure mattresses are especially useful in living spaces that are geometrically challenged, such as yachts and campervans. Ultimately, whether you need a shorter mattress, longer mattress, wider mattress, narrower mattress or an entirely bespoke mattress, we’ve got you covered.

Ordering International Mattress Sizes

If you have a bed which has been built to European or American dimensions, standard UK mattresses won’t fit your bed base. Luckily, Odd’s customers come from across the globe so we have plenty of experience creating mattresses specifically for American and European beds. And for that finishing touch, we also make bespoke bedding too.

Are special sized mattresses the same quality as standard sizes?

Each and every one of Odd’s mattresses are handmade The Odd Way, using the finest natural fillings for the same luxurious finish every single time. Regardless of size or shape, Odd mattresses combine glorious comfort, impeccable support and genuine sustainability, helping you achieve the best nights sleep of your life, every night.

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Only ever fully sprung

All of our made to measure mattresses are fully sprung and never contain synthetic foams. In the core of our mattresses we use either a pocket sprung or open coil spring system which support your body, helping to maintain your natural posture throughout the course of a nights slumber.


Handcrafted using the finest sustainable materials

We use what we consider to be the finest natural materials to fill and upholster all our made to measure mattresses. These materials are used with the sole purpose of creating deep, restorative sleep.