We hoped we’d see you here. What’s one of the most important parts of your guests stay? We’ll put money on it being an inviting, comfy bed and maybe a hot, high pressure shower!
After all sleep sells….

We’ve put this page together to tell you a little bit more about The Odd Company. The story behind the mastery of mattresses and handmade beds.


We’ve been handmaking the finest beds and luxury mattresses to order for over 30 years. Our commitment to using only natural fillings and traditional techniques means every product we make is a masterpiece in its own right.

Sleep shapes our day, you could even say our lives. It affects our mood, our concentration, our health. Making sure you have a quality nights sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. That’s why we’ve spent years perfecting our craft to make sure you get a great nights sleep, every night.


Sleep well. Live better.

Our Collection



We’re here to make that a reality. All of our beds are handmade to order, meaning that you can have exactly what you desire. We can create any custom shape, size and style to your exact specification. You can even provide your own signature material to make it completely personal to you.



We know exactly what is needed to make a long lasting mattress and that means using only the best materials. Every mattress we make use individual pocket springs to make it the comfiest it can be, giving your guests a spring in your step every time you wake up.



Our headboards, like our entire collection, are tailor-made to your specifications. You have the option to select from our curated house shapes or provide us with your own design. The customization doesn’t end there; we’re here to help you create something truly unique and distinctive, a bed that embodies the exclusive style of James’ Places. We can assist you in crafting a bespoke bed tailored for your brand – any style, shape, or fabric.

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You’re in good company

You’ll find our beds and mattresses in some of the country’s top boutique and luxury hotels. Just like you they want to make sure that their guests have the best experience, starting with a great nights sleep.

Where you can find us


As masters of our craft, we take pride and time over every stitch we make, using traditional methods to handmake & finish a range of luxury beds and mattresses.

Just like your guests, all of our products are unique. So wether they’re a back sleeper, a face downer or a side snoozer, we can make something for everyone. The result – a collection that can be completely personalised to meet your precise requirements. Don’t settle for standard when you can have extraordinary.


We make a high quality product, but at what cost to the planet? At The Odd Company we’ve committed to making our mattresses and beds in the lowest impact way possible. Everything we make comes directly from our factory in Yorkshire. We source our materials from British suppliers who share our passion for quality over quantity. The materials we choose for our fillings and fabrics are natural or recycled, still fit for purpose but best for the planet. We always look to partner with businesses that share this ethos and will work with us to ensure everything we make is as low impact as it can be.

The stuff dreams are made of.

A great product that will last the test of time is built with quality materials. Every filling and material we use has been purposefully selected so that we can be confident that we are making the best quality product for you. We use only the finest, natural materials to achieve this.

More than just our materials, we believe in quality everything we do. From the design of our products, to how we treat our customers, to how we do business. It’s part of our company values. We make everything by hand, (and this it might obvious), so our commitment to you, and to the planet, will always be quality over quantity.

What makes us Odd?

We’re a family run business that began with restoring victorian beds. Fast forward 30 years, and our commitment to the craft of handcrafted sleep is still going strong. We take pride in our Yorkshire roots and the personalised odd-size approach, which forms the core of everything we do today.

Crafting deep sleep is no small feat. It’s taken us years to perfect, thanks to the knowledge and skill of our dedicated team.We cherish them as much as  a top-notch night’s sleep, and we’re proud to be a real living wage employer – because happy snoozers and happy workers makes for a better life.




The Springs

Each and every mattress we make starts with a spring system at its core. Its role is simple – to provide optimum support for your entire body in order that your muscles can relax while you sleep, and you can therefor wake feeling fully rested and ready for the day ahead.

By being able to form around your body, a pocket sprung mattress can give the sensation of weightlessness allowing you to drift into restful and relaxing slumber.


The Fillings

Our spring systems are sandwiched between deep and luxurious layers of cotton, lambswool, horsehair or cashmere. These breathable fillings work in conjunction with the spring system to create, when lain upon, a sumptuous experience of nightly bliss. It is our view that the fibres that make up these fillings are unrivalled in their ability to contribute to the best possible sleep. Hypoallergenic and heat regulating these natural fillings control your body’s temperature during the night, drawing away moisture and therefore helping keep you cool in the summer and cosy throughout the winter.


The Hand Side Stitching

Hand side stitching is one of the most technically difficult and time consuming tasks that is undertaken in the making of our mattresses. This process sees a 10″ long, double ended needle used to pass thread back and forth through the mattress in order to bind the mattress’s side to the pocket spring system. In doing so a more supportive mattress edge is created allowing the entire top surface of the mattress to offer the same level of support no matter where you lie.


The Tufting

The final step in the crafting of your mattress is tufting. Tufts are not there merely for decoration, although they do give the surface of the mattress a subtle undulating appearance. Instead they play an important role keeping your fillings in place, preventing them from moving as you naturally alter your sleeping position throughout the course of a night.

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We’d love to speak to you about how we could help create a distinctive sleep experience within your hotels. Call us on 01772 786 666, or use our handy online enquiry form. Let us take you on a journey to extraordinary sleep.