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Sleeping in summer is a struggle for people all over the country. Unfortunately, we don’t all have air-conditioned rooms and sleeping with the window open may not always bring in enough of a breeze.

However, trying to get some rest when it’s too hot to sleep doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. In fact, this summer is set to bring the highest temperature since the 70’s but you don’t have to dread heading to bed.

In this guide, we’ve shared some simple tips on keeping cool during the summer months, as well as techniques that you can used to drift straight off:

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Choose a different quilt

Even in the winter when you’ve got the heating on full blast, you may realise that you only use the quilt for comfort and rarely for keeping warm. However, before the summer comes, you may want to invest in a lighter duvet –  rated under 4.5 tog –  to still feel comfortable without sweating.

Freeze your pillows

As ludicrous as it sounds, you could put your pillow cases into freezer bags and pop them in the chiller for a few hours before you head to bed. Not only will this help to cool your head down, it’ll also help you feel more relaxed in your sleeping environment.

Opt for cotton

Another way to ease the stress of trying to sleep in hot weather, is to opt for cotton materials. Pyjamas and duvet covers made of cotton are much more lightweight and breathable than other materials. These cool bed sheets will ensure you can easily drift off without overheating.

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Open the windows

Even though opening the windows is an obvious tip for sleeping throughout the summer, many people avoid it – especially if they’re suffering with hayfever or have noisy neighbours.

However, keeping your windows open throughout both the day and night will prevent hot air from circulating around your bedroom. This will make the space feel less stuffy and humid.

Take a cold drink to bed

In high temperatures, your body can overheat and become dehydrated. This can make it even more tricky to get some sleep.

Take a large glass of cold water with you when you head to bed and use this to cool your internal body temperature. Although you may find yourself waking in the night to use the toilet, there’s no chance of you feeling unwell through being dehydrated!

It is also a good idea to drink lots of water throughout the day, to ensure you are well-hydrated when you head to bed.

As you can see, when it comes to sleeping in the warm summer months, you don’t have to lay in bed and feel frustrated about your high body temperature.

Remember that feeling calm and comfortable is the key to instantly falling asleep, so check that you’ve created a relaxing atmosphere to drift off in and prepare yourself for a great sleep. We’re sure that you’ll be snoozing in no time at all!