What can sleeping on a luxury mattress have to do with your health? As science increasingly suggests, the benefits of good-quality sleep (and plenty of it!) are many and varied. Matthew Walker, leading neuroscientist behind the recent bestselling book ‘Why We Sleep’, is credited with ‘lifting the lid’ on sleep and its significance for all aspects of human physiology. Sleep affects everything from our blood pressure to our risk of developing cancer, as Walker’s book reveals: ‘To take just one example, adults aged 45 years or older who sleep less than six hours a night are 200% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke in their lifetime, as compared with those sleeping seven or eight hours a night’. These examples continue thick and fast, with sleep affecting blood sugar, weight gain, mental health, aggression, addiction, and many more. 

One of our recent articles focused on the way in which a bespoke mattress can lift your mood, keeping you happier for longer. From mood to movement, there are lots of ways in which sleep benefits the body. So, how can your choice of mattress affect your sleep? From the materials involved in the production, to the number of springs inside the mattress, luxury mattresses provide for a better quality of sleep than mattresses made to a lower specification. There are consequently many sleep benefits which are associated with having a good quality, luxury mattress from The Odd Company, and accordingly, many health benefits.

Luxury mattresses provide a better quality of sleep

The prime offering of a luxury mattress is the increased levels of support provided to the sleeping body. When you purchase a quality mattress with a high spring count, it supports the natural contours of your body. Your body’s correct posture is therefore maintained whilst you sleep, with particular focus on the lumbar curve of your spine.  If this level of support is achieved by your mattress, the muscles of your back and around your rib cage do not have to fight to move your body back into a comfortable position. The mattress provides such a high level of support that our bodies are able to get the rest they require.

When the correct level of support is not achieved, these muscles instead remain tense, unable to relax through the course of the evening. They spend the night continually active and you make up feeling tired. Although many of us will attribute our morning aches and pains to a late night or age, the true culprit is probably your old and unsupportive mattress. 

How is this achieved by simply sleeping on a luxury mattress? 

The prime function of what a mattress should be doing – supporting the body – is achieved through a high spring count. The more individual pocket springs placed inside the mattress, the smaller the diameter of the spring, and the easier it is for the mattress as a whole to mould itself to each and every contour of your body. 

The Odd Mattress Company’s range of pocket sprung mattresses start at 1,000 springs and work all the way up to 3,000 pocket springs: the maximum number of individual pocket springs that it is possible to fit inside a mattress! The mattress’ ability to mould itself to your form then allows you to wake up without pains, having slept in a fully supported position. This support therefore leaves a hugely positive benefit on your mood. 

In addition, the natural fillings of lambswool, cashmere and horsehair used by The Odd Mattress Company alongside the cotton cover creates a soft yet supportive feeling. These fillings and in particular cotton wick away moisture from the body; when the sleeper perspires during the night, the moisture is drawn away from the body and evaporates, resulting in a comfortable and not clammy night’s sleep. These natural fillings are also hypoallergenic, meaning that they are likely to cause fewer allergic reactions and are 100% biodegradable, returning to the earth as nature intended when no longer needed

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about the benefits a luxury mattress can have for your health, please do get in touch with us at The Odd Mattress Company and we will be only too happy to discuss both our existing luxury mattress range as well as your bespoke luxury mattress options.