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Where can you get an eco-friendly bespoke mattress?

These days, more and more of us are striving in the way we live and consume to be more eco-friendly. Whether you’re newly eco-conscious, a lifelong eco-warrior or simply trying to increase the number of environmentally-friendly choices you make, any step taken towards reducing our environmental impact is a positive one. Making eco-friendly choices within […]

How to measure your mattress correctly

When the time comes to replace your mattress, ordering the correct size to fit your bed is crucial. One area where clients sometimes encounter difficulties is taking precise and accurate measurements of their bed in order that their replacement mattress is made to the correct size. Though on the face of it measuring your bed […]

How Much Should You Pay For A Mattress?

Here at The Odd Company, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke, handcrafted mattresses to suit every need. Of course, choosing the ideal mattress can be a challenging task. The perfect mattress can be difficult to define, as each of our clients have different preferences and specifications, but the vital factor is support. Your ideal mattress […]

How Do I Recycle My Old Mattress?

As we know well at The Odd Company, finding a new mattress can be pure joy. Whether it represents a new home, is part of a fresh remodel of a bedroom or is simply getting rid of that old mattress that has come to the end of its natural life, a supportive new mattress marks […]

Can you get a custom size mattress?

Finding that perfect piece of furniture can be a special moment. Whether it’s a dining room table you’ve spent months scouring auction houses to find, or an amazing mid-century sideboard that brings a room together – we know how important it is to fall in love with that statement piece. As furniture goes, your bed, […]

Where can you find a bespoke mattress for a superyacht?

In these hazy, summer months, as the sun beats down – there’s no better place to be than in your private boat, out on the open waves. For those of us lucky enough to enjoy the freedom of having a yacht or superyacht, spending summer on the ocean is truly a piece of paradise. Of […]

Where can you find a custom made cot mattress?

At The Odd Company, we know that for most parents, the process of buying their little one a new mattress can be a complex task. With so much information freely available, it can be hard to know how to give your baby the best start in life, whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned […]

Where can I find an extra-long bespoke mattress?

We’ve all been there – you’re getting comfortable and cosy in bed, moving and stretching out on your mattress, and then suddenly you find that your feet are hanging off the end. A regular problem for those of us who are a little taller than average, and a familiar scenario to the many of us […]

The process of buying a made-to-measure mattress

Suits, shoes, mattresses – some things are just better made-to-measure. Here at The Odd Company, we believe that a made-to-measure mattress is the only way to create the environment for perfect sleep, every night. Designed for you, your made-to-measure mattress will be to the shape and size you specify. But what is the process of […]

Bespoke short mattresses for small rooms

Picture the scene: you’ve almost finished creating the bedroom of your dreams. The walls are freshly painted, the furniture is perfect, and all you need is that luxurious, blissfully comfortable bed. But when the time comes to assemble the bed frame – it quickly becomes apparent that you can barely squeeze past the end of […]