When it comes to bespoke mattresses, the sky really is the limit! Here at The Odd Company, we’ve created some of the most unique and innovative size and shape mattresses there are – from circular mattresses for floating beds right the way through to ‘The Berliner’, a commissioned custom mattress measuring 3 meters squared! With antique bed frames, superyachts and even unusually-shaped rooms creating logistical challenges, no mattress is too big, small, or unconventional for the expert craftspeople at The Odd Company.

But what if your bed frame is a standard length, depth, and width? The Odd Company can create bespoke mattresses to a standard size whilst retaining the Odd magic created through the use of an internal spring system and breathable natural fillings which together create the ultimate level of comfort.

Where can I find a bespoke standard-size mattress? 

Finding a bespoke standard-size mattress is simpler than you may think. The Odd Company creates custom-made standard size mattresses using the same skills and techniques used in the creation of our odd sized mattresses. Whether you require a standard double mattress, king-size, super-king-size or even a child’s bed, The Odd Company can create a mattress exactly to your chosen standard size and specifications. You may want a bespoke standard mattress in a double size for a standard sized bed frame, or perhaps you need a standard king-size mattress with cut-out corners for a four-poster bed – whatever your requirements, it is sure to be possible with a mattress from The Odd Company. 

What modifications can be made to a standard-size mattress?

A common reason that clients wish to have a bespoke standard-size mattress made is due to their bed frame accommodating a mattress with standard dimensions but requiring some small modifications to its shape. For instance, a custom standard sized mattress with cut-out corners to fit around a bed’s corner posts in the case of a four-poster bed (and no, we don’t advise trying to squeeze a standard mattress in between the posts…!). 

Modifying a standard-size mattress is a simple task for the craftspeople at The Odd Company. The only information we need is the width and length of the corner posts so that we can create perfect cut-out corners to match. We always create our cut-out corners a little larger than the bed posts to ensure there is space for bedding and to prevent any pressure being placed on the bed frame from the mattress being too tight a fit.

The Odd Company can additionally create a curved end for your mattress. A demi-corbeille bed requires a mattress with a curved foot end, to suit its iconic and internationally-recognised shape. Our craftspeople can create mattresses with a curved end to a standard size. All we require is a template making of the curved end of the bed to begin creating a custom shaped mattress to a standard size.

Another way in which Odd mattresses can be customised is by including zips along the long edges of the mattress allowing them to be zipped to link. This system allows for larger standard sized mattresses to be created from two smaller mattresses. Making a larger standard size mattress zip to link is a sensible option where the size of door frames, stairways and landings would make delivering a mattress made in one piece in a larger size impossible. This bespoke solution is also recommended when customers have concerns over their ability to turn and rotate a larger mattress if it was made in one piece. 

Finally, The Odd Company can make mattresses to a bespoke, shallower than standard, depth in both our open coil and pocket sprung range. Our Hampton and Canterbury 1000 mattresses both contain cotton fillings, the Hampton however uses open coil springs whereas the Canterbury contains a more sophisticated pocket spring system. In a pocket sprung mattress each spring is housed in its own fabric pocket, which allows each spring to move independently of one another supporting the body and reducing the effect of motion transfer. The open coil spring system means each spring is interconnected which can cause spring movement in one area to be felt across the mattress. The occurrence of motion transfer in open coil spring mattresses like the Hampton means they are better suited to second bedrooms, children’s rooms or beds with a single occupant.  

Both the Hampton and the Canterbury 1000 have a standard depth of 26cm however both can be made to a shallower 20cm depth on request by using a shorter open coil or pocket spring. Achieving this depth through the use of a shorter spring as opposed to reduced amounts of filling means a shallower mattress with no compromise to comfort or feel. 

Why choose an Odd mattress?

Our pocket sprung spring systems support the natural curvature of your spine, taking weight off pressure points, joints and muscles to allow your body to fully relax at rest. Comfort is second-to-none with the deep layers of natural fillings we use within our mattresses. Whether your mattress contains soft lambswool, curled horsehair, cashmere or cotton, you’re guaranteed deep comfortable sleep, night after night.

Here at The Odd Company, we don’t just make bespoke mattresses that make you feel good – they do good, too. Each of our mattresses is fully recyclable, and once the time comes can be broken down into each of its constituent parts which can then be recycled and reused. Meanwhile, our bed bases are made with 100% FRSC-approved timber, ensuring that even your frame can support your values.

If you’d like to speak to The Odd Company about creating your bespoke standard-size mattress, please feel free to get in touch with our experts today and we’ll find you that perfect custom fit.