Picture the scene: you’ve almost finished creating the bedroom of your dreams. The walls are freshly painted, the furniture is perfect, and all you need is that luxurious, blissfully comfortable bed. But when the time comes to assemble the bed frame – it quickly becomes apparent that you can barely squeeze past the end of the bed to get in and out of the room!

Perhaps you recognise this scenario. Unfortunately, it is a little too familiar to many of us who forgot to take accurate measurements, or hoped for the best, wanting to fit that gorgeous bed frame into an environment that’s just a little bit too small. Lots of us need to work with smaller spaces, but often, furniture is not built to reflect the dimensions of our homes. 

For our clients who live in smaller properties or flats (particularly in London where increasingly compact apartments are becoming the norm), finding a bespoke short mattress designed exclusively for a smaller space can be an essential need. As well as our standard mattress range, The Odd Company is experienced in creating bespoke short mattresses to any length desired, in order to provide you with hours of deep, comfortable sleep on a mattress with a length to suit your bedroom. 


Why might you need a bespoke short mattress? 

A common reason cited for seeking that all-important short mattress is simply the size of the bedroom. Apartments as well as period properties can come with small or awkwardly shaped master bedrooms, which can pose a challenge when you’re looking for that dream bed. 

A conventional King size bed (one of our most popular standard sizes) measures 6’6” long. Although a suitable size for many, it is also a size that can dwarf a smaller or tighter space, causing the bed to not only be a statement feature, but one of the only features that fits into the room. If such a scenario seems familiar you may require a mattress with a regular-width but which is several inches shorter than standard, say 6’3” long, in order your bed fits comfortably within your bedroom.

Though your period home may be perfect in every other way, the often awkwardly sized box room can be a difficult space to furnish. Try as you might a modern, standard sized bed will never quite suit the rooms dimensions. Such rooms are ideal for a short mattress made to a non-standard length, ensuring a bespoke mattress and bed which complements the room creating an illusion of space. 

Smaller short mattresses are also good options to consider for a child’s bedroom helping to free up floor space for play. Children will not require a mattress with a standard length of 6’3 or 6’6” until they enter their mid-teens. A handmade and supportive short mattress with natural fillings will provide the best environment in which to obtain quality sleep, and is therefore an ideal option for a child’s bedrooms.

Bespoke short mattresses, the Odd way

At The Odd Company we have decades of experience creating a bespoke small mattress for all manner of room sizes and spaces. Our skilled craftsmen can tailor-make short mattresses for our clients no matter what their other dimensions are, to allow for that feeling of space in a most intimate setting. Bespoke short mattresses from The Odd Company can make a room with more cosy dimensions at least feel larger. 

Our made-to-measure short mattresses are crafted using the same, time honoured techniques we use to make our standard sized mattresses: by hand, every time. We use a pocket spring system  rather than synthetic, petroleum based foam, to help ensure a mattress that supports your body’s natural contours and holds your spine in the correct position while you sleep. Filled with natural materials such as cotton, lambswool, horsehair and cashmere, our fillings create the most luxurious of sleeping surfaces on which to rest and rejuvenate. 

We can craft your short mattress with a number of additional features, for example with a curved end, or cut-out corners to accommodate the bed posts of a four-poster frame. Whatever your needs and requirements there is no need to compromise on comfort or space, with a made-to-measure short mattress from The Odd Company.

Bespoke Shorter Divan

If you require a shorter bespoke mattress from us, you may also need a bespoke bed base. Naturally, shorter mattresses require a shorter than standard bed base. The Odd Company can create bespoke short divans to perfectly fit your mattress, with drawer or ottoman storage. 

If you require a bespoke short mattress, or any other made-to-measure mattress from The Odd Company, please don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you.