It’s probably no surprise to hear it – but here at The Odd Company, we think there’s nothing better than a handmade mattress. There are a huge number of benefits to a handmade mattress – ones that simply can’t be replicated by the mass-produced mattresses that you might find on the high street. We know at The Odd Company that making our bespoke mattresses by hand keeps them a cut above the rest – and offers our customers the best sleep possible.  

What is a handmade mattress? 

With more and more mattresses advertising themselves as being ‘handmade’ when only a fraction of the process is done by hand, it’s easy to become confused or disillusioned with this term. However, at The Odd Company, every stage of the manufacturing process is undertaken and completed by hand to ensure a product of unrivalled quality and comfort. From hand side stitching to tufting, and tape-edging, our skilled craftsmen ensure every detail is carried out meticulously to ensure every client has a mattress which feels as good as it looks, and provides an unrivalled level of deep restful sleep.

“Handmade” may be used by some manufactures as a marketing tactic –  but for us, it is a word that simply describes what we do and have always done – creating superb fully-sprung mattresses, made by hand.

What are the benefits of a handmade mattress?

The first point to note is simply that a mattress which has been handmade requires a level of attention to detail which just is not present in the mass-produced mattresses that are sold on retail parks or in high street stores. Handmade mattresses will take a lot longer to make as each process is completed by hand, usually by one individual who must be meticulously attentive at each stage of the production process. The mattress which is delivered to the customer is therefore free from defects, provides quality sleep night after night, and outlast its mass-produced counterpart by many years.

The mattresses handmade by The Odd Company are always fully sprung and filled with natural fibres such as lambswool, cotton, horsehair and cashmere. None of our mattresses use foams which isn’t a suitable material to be used in mattresses due to its ability to retain heat and moisture and ineffectively support the sleepers body. Additionally foam isn’t as durable as natural fibres and breaks down quickly, normally meaning a foam mattress will need to be replaced within only a few years. 

Here at The Odd Company, each and every mattress we make, be it a standard size or bespoke size, is made-to-order. Our skilled craftspeople are experts in their field. They are an integral part of a process that is labour-intensive and requires skills which take many years to perfect. Our techniques have been honed for generations, and include the carful layering of the natural fillings, hand side-stitching and hand tufting. Together, each of these processes results in a mattress which provides the right level of support, is hypoallergenic and can correctly regulate your body temperature to keep you feeling cosy in winter and cool in summer.  

A further advantage of a handmade mattress is our ability to customise it to suit you and your requirements perfectly. All of our needs are different, and we take pride in the time we spend understanding your needs to ensure the mattress we make for you is second to none.

A mattress which is too narrow will result in you and your partner sleeping too closely together which can result in both sleepers getting overheating and being disturbed by the others movements. A mattress which is too short can leave feet dangling off the end, resulting in a cramped sleep as you draw your knees towards your chest in an effort to stay on the bed. A mattress which is unsuitable for your needs is likely to have some impact on the quality of your sleep and have nock on health implications – as our recent article shows. 

Here at The Odd Company, we can make mattresses to practically any size or shape! Adding a few additional inches to the length for taller customers, or a few inches to the mattresses width for those who want additional sleeping space, is no trouble as the handmade nature of our processes make them extremely flexible.  Whether your bed frame is a little deeper than expected, a little wider than you thought, or perhaps an irregular shape – no amendment is too much trouble for our team.  

Our customers know that we’ll never prioritise quantity over quality. Offering each of our clients the perfect sleep solution is our top priority – and thanks to our individual made-to-measure mattress service, we’re always able to cater to each individual customer’s needs. Our consultancy service means we’ll fully understand our customer requirements before beginning work on their mattress – providing our expert guidance and advice to ensure the mattress we make for you fits your needs perfectly.

Our emphasis on increasing the spring count is what gives us that uniquely Odd support. As the spring count increases, the springs diameter becomes smaller  – letting the mattress mould itself to your body to maintain your natural posture while you’re sleeping. With the back supported, the muscles around your ribcage and spine can relax, leaving you to wake refreshed. 

In terms of your comfort, our natural, biodegradable fillings are chosen for their particular properties of cosy warmth and breathability. Cotton, used throughout our range, has a deep luxurious feel but is good at wicking moisture away from the body, keeping your sleep cool and hygienic. Lambswools fibres have excellent heat regulating properties, keeping you cosy in winter and cool in summer. Finally, horsehair’s unique shape channels air through the mattress, helping air circulate. This natural material has been used for centuries, and acts like a mini spring system: once compressed, the coils of horsehair return back into shape. Being natural, all of our fillings will return to the earth as nature intended at the end of their life. Additionally all of our handmade mattresses can be recycled ensuring none of components which make up your mattress end up in landfill.


If you’d like to speak to one of our experts about the benefits of a handmade mattress – or place an order for your own handmade mattress – please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll be more than happy to help.