How The Odd Company Gives You a Better Nights Sleep

As far as negative effects on our health and well-being are concerned, a poor night’s sleep is up there with poor diet, lack of exercise and excessive stress. Put simply, we need sleep to function properly. Not sleeping enough or having problems sleeping chips away at our physical, mental and emotional health. And yet getting […]

Get the most value out of your made-to-measure mattress

Here at The Odd Company, we know that each and every one of our clients wants to make the most out of their new Odd mattress. So once you’ve found that mattress which gives you a perfect night’s sleep, leaving you recharged and ready for the day ahead it’s important to engage in some simple […]

Where can you get an eco-friendly bespoke mattress?

These days, more and more of us are striving in the way we live and consume to be more eco-friendly. Whether you’re newly eco-conscious, a lifelong eco-warrior or simply trying to increase the number of environmentally-friendly choices you make, any step taken towards reducing our environmental impact is a positive one. Making eco-friendly choices within […]

How to measure your mattress correctly

When the time comes to replace your mattress, ordering the correct size to fit your bed is crucial. One area where clients sometimes encounter difficulties is taking precise and accurate measurements of their bed in order that their replacement mattress is made to the correct size. Though on the face of it measuring your bed […]