What is the difference between a British and an American mattress?

As anyone who’s spent time across the pond will know, there are plenty of language differences between English and American. Whether you’ve asked for some chips and received crisps instead of French fries, or you’ve seen a confusing sign for the ‘expressway’ whilst driving – for many of us, language barriers can often throw a […]

Top 3 things to look for in a bespoke luxury mattress

Given the significant health impacts of good-quality sleep, as well as the fact that over 29,000 sleeping hours will be spent lying upon it, ensuring your mattress is of a high quality is of the utmost importance. As visual differences between mattresses are often small, at the Odd Mattress Company we often get asked ‘How […]

Bespoke Mattresses for Four-Poster Beds

At The Odd Mattress Company, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke mattresses for a bed of any size or shape. One of our common enquiries is from customers who wish to have a bespoke mattress made to fit a four-poster bed frame. Commonly considered a luxurious style of bed for its antiquity and historic connotations, […]

How can a luxury mattress benefit your health?

What can sleeping on a luxury mattress have to do with your health? As science increasingly suggests, the benefits of good-quality sleep (and plenty of it!) are many and varied. Matthew Walker, leading neuroscientist behind the recent bestselling book ‘Why We Sleep’, is credited with ‘lifting the lid’ on sleep and its significance for all […]