How A Bespoke Mattress Can Improve Your Mood

Each of us has, at one time or another, experienced the negative effects of a bad night’s sleep. However, surprisingly few people know that it is not just the quantity of your sleep that’s important: research by the National Sleep Foundation indicates that even with an adequate amount of sleep, many people still feel the […]

How To Achieve The Luxury Of A Hotel Mattress At Home

When considering a new mattress for use at home, achieving the luxury of a hotel mattress is something that many people consider to be beyond their reach. In fact, there are several ways in which manufacturers can achieve the luxury of a hotel mattress when creating a bespoke mattress for an individual’s own home. The […]

What’s the difference between a king-size and a super king-size?

Trying to decide between a king and a super king-size mattress? You’re not the only one!  Couples across the United Kingdom find it difficult to choose between these two mattress sizes. Many want the additional space offered by a super king mattress but are concerned their bedroom just isn’t large enough to accommodate it. The […]

What’s the difference between a British and European mattress?

You’re in those post-summer holiday blues, and everything seems a little grey. The weather’s not as nice, you’re not on a beach; and even your bed doesn’t seem the same! This isn’t just your holiday nostalgia talking- it turns out that there really is a differences between English mattresses and European mattresses, with those from […]