5 Mattress Myths Uncovered

Shopping for a new mattress can be time consuming and expensive. Comparing brands, prices, and materials can make the shopping experience a stressful one, so we’ve collated some of the industry’s biggest mattress myths to help you pick your new bedroom addition.

5 Reasons Why Daytime Napping is Good for You

For a long time, napping has been considered as a ‘waste of time’ and was regarded an activity that has no real health benefits. However, new studies have revealed that napping has great health benefits for people of all ages (not just the elderly/young children!).

4 Illnesses That Sleep Can Help to Prevent

It is important for anyone (of any age) to treat their sleep as a priority as it can have severe consequences on your long-term health. The time when you’re sleeping is the time for your body to repair and heal itself but over the years, the amount of sleep you miss could have an impact […]