4 Bizarre things we do in our sleep

Everyone has endured a bad night’s sleep or two. Constantly tossing and turning, mumbling, snoring and flinging the duvet are just some of the many things we do during the night. But in some cases, things tend to get a little stranger, as these bizarre behaviours will show.

History of the Bed

Sleep is brilliant. Climbing into to bed at night after a long day’s work, or clumsily falling into it at the end of a heavy night out with your mates can be such a relaxing and soothing activity. Yes, it’s true, we all love to sleep, with even the rich and famous expressing their love […]

3 Top Tips: Mattress Maintenance

Considering we spend around 26 years of our lives asleep, it’s be a wise choice to look after your bed. Yes we clean our sheets and bed linen every fortnight, (or at least we should do) but how much time and care do we put into the most important aspect of our beds; The mattress. […]

Cut the Festive Flab? Get More Sleep

If you’re like me (and the other 62 and a bit million in the UK), you’ll have over indulged a little this Christmas, with Britons expected to spend almost £180 on food and drink alone. As good as it seems at the time, that a few extra eggnogs, a mince pie or three and the […]