Bizarre Sleep Disorders

We’ve all ensured a stressful night’s sleep, we toss, turn, drool, grunt, mumble and snore ourselves to sleep. For others however, it isn’t so straight forward, as some unlucky people endure some pretty bizarre sleeping patterns or disorders. 4 common sleep disorders Narcolepsy One of the most well-known sleeping disorders, but equally as bizarre. This […]

4 Facts about dreaming

Dreaming is like stepping into the unknown, as soon as our heads hit the pillow each night, we are blissfully unaware of where our minds will travel to whilst we are asleep. We all dream about pretty much anything; sometimes your dreams are that good you’re annoyed that the alarm clock has interrupted it. But […]

4 Sleep myths debunked

It’s a subject that has been prodded and probed for centuries, but even though technology and scientific knowledge has significantly progressed, the topic of sleep still leaves many questions unanswered. At some point or another, we have all been offered ‘pearls of wisdom’ from a relative or friend about our sleep, but is what they […]

Love the way you lie? What sleep positions say about you?

We all have our own sleeping ritual. Some of us like to finish off a malt drink before bedtime, whereas others enjoy the soothing effects of a nightcap. Strangely, some people require the not-so-calming qualities of electrical appliances to send them into slumber (Wayne Rooney and his hoover spring to mind). But did you know […]