How to Get the Kids To Sleep on Christmas Eve

Christmas is one of the best days of the year. Spending quality time with family and friends and the chance to relax and over indulge. Christmas is also a time for children seeing their faces light up on Christmas morning is the best gift any parent can receive. The trouble is getting them to sleep […]

Sleep walking: the facts

Mumbling, snoring, tossing, turning and even talking are some of things that most people do during the night, but a stranger issue affecting us is somnambulism, or sleep walking to you and me. Did you know that 30% of Americans have experienced some kind of sleep walking?, debunking the myth that it is a rare […]

Britain, You Need More Sleep!

A recent survey has provided an intriguing insight into the UK’s sleeping patterns, and has shown we’re not getting enough of it. The study, carried out by the Great British Sleep Survey, revealed that only 51% of us can claim that we get sufficient slumber time each night and that London, the South East and […]

6 Amazing facts about sleep

Sleep is something we all need, whether it’s a long lie in on a Sunday, continuously hitting the snooze button even though you were supposed to be up 20 minutes ago or waking up with one shoe on and the dregs of last night’s pizza on your chest after a big night out (just me […]