Guide to Tackling Insomnia: Reasons why you might not be sleeping well

Tackling chronic insomnia is a huge problem for many people as struggling to sleep can affect your work as well as your home life. Having very little sleep will not only have a negative impact on your health but could also contribute to underlying problems such as heart disease, depression or asthma. According to the […]

Take the TV out Of Your Kid’s Bedroom to Help Them Sleep Better

More than 50% of 9-11 year-olds admit to using their electronic devices when they are supposed to be sleeping, according to a recent survey. Findings by the University of Alberta reveal that parents need to take technology out of their children’s bedrooms so that they can sleep properly. Electronic devices affect childrens’ sleep patterns The […]

Guide to sleeping for New Parents

Being a new parent is very exhausting and you may be wondering if you will ever get a good night’s sleep again. Although caring for your newborn child may seem like a round-the-clock adventure, you can feel happy that their sleeping pattern will improve with age. Here are some suggestions to help new parents get […]

Lack of sleep affects one in three British workers

  Research has shown that one in three British workers suffer from sleep deprivation, according to a study by the Sleep deprivation commonly affects British workers Due to the recession, many companies are putting additional pressure on their staff which is one of the main reasons workers are heading to work feeling tired. With […]