Tips to get the kids to sleep before Father Christmas’ visit

‘Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that and for many parents getting the kids to go to sleep on Christmas Eve can be very hard work as they want to stay up to see Father Christmas […]

23 December is officially the worst night’s sleep

Don’t be expecting to get a good night’s sleep tonight, as a study has found that December 23 is likely to be the night where we are most likely to lay awake in bed. Research from Dreams Beds has found that 45% of us tend to stay up later in the week running up to […]

New study says gadgets DON’T disrupt your sleep

It has been believed that the rise in using mobile phones, tablet devices and laptops in the bedroom will disturb your sleep, but new research from Australia has found evidence that this simply isn’t true. Researchers from the University of Sydney has found that there seems to be no major reduction in the amount of […]

Nearly a quarter of us will stay in a colleague’s bed this Christmas!

A considerable number of people will end up not sleeping at home after the work Christmas party according to new research. Accommodation website LateRooms has done a survey and found that although many people will go home to their own comfortable bed and bespoke mattress, others fill choose to stay out rather than face a […]

The amount of sleep you need could be down to your genes

If you need more sleep than other people in your life, there could be a genetic reason for this according to new research. A study from Edinburgh University and Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich has found that a number of people in Europe have a variation of a gene and this means that they need […]