Exercise can help improve sleep

A new study from a university in America has found that getting more exercise could be the key to helping people sleep better and feel more alert the next day. Over 2,600 men and women aged 18 – 65 took part in the study which found that those who underwent at least two and a […]

Half of British adults suffer from sleep problems

If you have trouble nodding off at night, you’re not alone according to new research from the University of Glasgow which has revealed 51% of Brits have trouble sleeping. 3 in 4 women have trouble sleeping Women struggle more than men, with three quarters of women saying that they have problems sleeping compared to a […]

Many of us allergic to our own homes

If you ever get through the door of your house and find yourself sneezing and sniffling, you could be one of the 12million people in the UK who are thought to be allergic to their own home. Research from Allergy UK for Indoor Allergy Week has found that a considerable number of us are suffering […]

Time changes can cause drivers to become drowsy at the wheel

If you’re feeling more tired recently, especially whilst driving, you’re not the only one. A new study has found that the seasonal clock changes can have an effect on our body clocks, with many people feeling a bit sleepier for at least a week after the time is moved. Research in America found that just […]

Brits woken up twice a night by distractions and noises

A new study has found that we’re disturbed on average twice a night and the average time we wake up is 3.44am. Dripping taps, loud neighbours and pets are some the most common reasons for people being woken in the night. Your partner could also be disturbing you, with many people saying their other half […]

Top 10 fascinating facts about sleep

Sleeping is something we all do and often something we just take for granted. However, sleep has a number of benefits for our health and is more interesting than you may think!