Britons have phobias which leave them unable to sleep

A new survey has found that us Brits are a nation of scaredy-cats as the major of us have phobias which stop us from sleeping. Around half of adults are scared of the dark, a fifth of us are freaked out by confined spaces and sudden noises spook a third of people. The survey, for […]

Women get their way over which side of the bed to sleep on

A new survey has found that during domestic disagreements on which side of the bed couples want to sleep on women more often than not get their own way. A quarter of couples will disagree over sleeping arrangements, but only one in 10 men will insist on sleeping on a certain side to ensure there […]

Britons some of the happiest people in the world – despite getting less sleep

A survey on well being across the world has found that people in Britain are some of the happiest in the world, despite working longer hours and getting less sleep than many of their European counterparts. The research from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) found that only Americans, Australians, Canadian and Danish […]

One in five men sleep in bed next to their phones!

We’re all addicted to our smartphones and a new survey has found that we just can’t stop using them – even at bed time! The under 25s are the age group the most likely to use their phone at an inappropriate time, with a third of men saying they check their phones regularly during a […]