Getting enough sleep can cut the risk of diabetes in teens

A study has found that sleeping for 7 and a half to 8 hours can reduce the risk of teens that are overweight from developing diabetes. Good sleep can balance out our blood sugar The research was published in the journal Diabetes Care and shows that getting the recommended amount of sleep can ensure that […]

Stick to 20 minute power naps to sleep well

Many people swear by having a power nap to make them feel more refreshed during the day and keep them productive, but just how long should you sleep for? The answer is less than you probably expect. Just 10 – 20 minutes is enough to refresh you and help increase your productivity and alertness. Luxury […]

Getting up early keeps you happy and skinny!

We blogged last week about a study which said that being a night owl can lead to health problems, and more research revealed this week has found that getting up early can help keep you happy and thin. The health benefits of good quality sleep Research from Roehampton University has found that those of us […]

Homes seem smaller due to bigger beds

Architects and interior designers say that our homes are becoming smaller and people are buying bigger furniture which gives us even less floor space. Many homeowners are now willing to sacrifice on space to get bigger beds, and king-size bed beds are now outselling double beds for the first time.

Staying up late makes you more likely to suffer from poor sleep

Are you a night owl or an early bird? What times you go to bed affects your quality of sleep according to new research in a medical journal. Early birds often sleep better “Evening-type individuals” are more likely to suffer from poor quality of sleep, as well as sleepiness during the day and even disturbing […]

Not enough sleep could lead to high blood pressure

Having a good night’s sleep is vital for ensuring that you are well rested ready for the next day, but a new study has been looking into the health aspects of getting enough sleep. Lack of deep sleep affects men’s health Scientist in the USA have looked at impact of not getting enough sleep, and […]

Children need better sleep to help them learn

A new study in the US and UK has looked into the sleeping patterns of children and the differences in the views of parents about a good night’s sleep. The Sleep Council in the UK and the Better Sleep Council from the USA teamed up to conduct research and found that nearly half of parents […]