Top Tips On Breaking The Summer Sleep Schedule

All the kids in the UK will be going back to school in a couple of weeks following their summer holidays but how can you fix the messed up sleeping schedules? For the six weeks children have been off school, many parents may have let them stay up late one or two nights as a […]

Survey Shows That Aussie’s Need To Get More Sleep

Australia is a nation of sleepyheads a survey has revealed which means they could definitely be in need of some shut-eye on one of our mattresses! A study by the Sleep Health Foundation showed that Aussie people are not spending enough time asleep with suggestions that they merely think sleeping is a waste of time.

Wave Sounds Get Britons To Sleep

The sound of waves is considered the most soothing for people to fall asleep and Britons spend 37 minutes listening to them to nod off, according to some latest research. Finding by a sleep expert reveal that millions of Brits now listen to nature tapes with wave sounds and soft music to help them doze […]

Top Tips On Keeping Cool On Your Odd Size Mattress This Summer

The Sleep Council has issued some advice on how to beat those restless hot summer nights, when it seems extremely hard to fall asleep. Instead of tossing and turning on your odd size mattress for hours on end, try some of these top tips in an effort to keep cool and nod off soundly. Simple […]