Research Shows That It Is Possible To Sleep Walk Whilst Awake

Some latest findings have revealed that it is in fact possible to sleep-walk whilst awake. Research by an American university has found that regions of the brain can take short naps when wide-awake that often leads to silly errors, so in effect we are sleep walking. You don’t have to be asleep to sleepwalk The […]

Study Shows How The Right Mattress Is Key For Good Sleep

We all know how important a good night sleep is but how important is the right mattress? Well according to some latest research, it turns out the mattress really does matter when it comes to hitting the pillow and drifting off peacefully. Your mattress matters when it comes to sleep quality Experts at a Sleep […]

Research Shows Managing Sleep Can Help Battle Obesity

A healthy sleep routine can help tackle obesity Research produced by US scientists has shown that by managing how much sleep we have, it can help win the battle against obesity. The study of 472 obese participants, which lasted six months, revealed that people getting too little or too much shut-eye were less likely to […]