handmade mattress benefits

People everywhere are starting to realise that choosing a new mattress is an investment worth careful thought. Considering how long mattresses last, your choice will be with you for a while so it’s important to get it right.

That’s why handmade mattresses can be such a great option when it comes to updating your bed.

Because they’re handmade, mattresses  can be altered to your needs and will suit you perfectly, making all your previous mattresses forgettable.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons you should consider getting a handmade mattress next.

Handmade to your specification

The most obvious benefit of a handmade mattress is that, since it’s being built from scratch for you, you can choose to customise it however you want.

A bespoke mattress is the surest way of getting the most appropriate mattress for your specific requirements. The shape of your mattress is up to you, whether you want it long, short, wide, or even circular, a mattress craftsman can work to your specification to make sure your bed fits perfectly in your bedroom

You can also choose the depth of the filling to maximise comfort, add features like rounded corners, or even add zipping and linking functionality.

Master craftsman

Choosing a specialist handmade mattress company means that you’re guaranteeing your new mattress will be made by a master craftsman and it will be built to a high standard throughout

good quality mattress

Quality materials

We have always believed that a handmade bed should be made with traditional and natural materials. These materials not only give your mattress longevity, they’ll be comfortable and accommodating from the first night you sleep on them .

Bespoke mattresses are made using natural fillings like cotton, lamb’s wool, or cashmere, and finished with a 100% cotton cover. Latex mattresses are one of the mattress industry’s best kept secrets, and hugely valuable for allergy sufferers as they are naturally dust mite, bed bug, bacteria, mildew and mould resistant.

Customer service

The final benefit to buying a handmade mattress is that you’ll receive the best customer service. To make sure that they understand what you’re looking for, any good handmade mattress company will have an expert team to help you make your bespoke choices and decide what features are best for you


Bespoke, handmade mattresses are our speciality and we take pride in our products and the materials and techniques that make them.