So, you’re in the third trimester and you’re very tired, but what you crave more than gherkin butties or crab paste is a good night’s sleep. But can you get one? No – and not for lack of trying.

It’s almost impossible to sleep on your front when you have a big bump to contend with, so you could spend hours tossing and turning trying to get comfy. Your hips ache, you have leg cramps and a certain someone is doing acrobatics on your bladder.

Read our latest post to discover how to get the best night’s sleep when you are pregnant.

Sleeping on your back

Professionals recommend that pregnant women in their second or third trimesters, do not sleep on their backs as it puts lots of pressure on their growing uterus. The baby can also put pressure on their mum’s vena cava – the main vein that carries blood back to your heart from the lower body – causing decreased blood flow.

Lying on your back for extended periods could also make you feel a bit dizzy due to the lack of circulation. This position can also interfere with the amount of nutrients in the placenta and the growing baby.

Sleeping on your front

It is safe to sleep on your front when you are pregnant but after the first 15 weeks, it is likely that this position will become very uncomfortable and in some cases, impossible due to the size of the bump.

Special supports may help some women with this as they approach the third semester.

Sleeping on your right side

While sleeping on your right side whilst pregnant is better than sleeping on your belly or your back, it is still not as good as snoozing on your left. Sleeping this way puts pressure on your liver and may have an adverse effect on its working.

Sleeping on your left side

Doctors and midwives recommended this position for pregnant women as it ensures circulation to the placenta is not restricted. This means that the baby will continue to receive the constant flow of nutrients that it needs to keep developing. Less pressure is exerted on the liver and several studies have shown that this way of sleeping may help reduce the chances of still birth.

Tips to help you sleep while pregnant

Make sure your bedroom is clutter-free which will help you to relax. Light some candles, play some soft music and make sure no outside light is creeping in.

Sleeping aids

Placing a pillow between your legs or sleeping with a body-length or special pregnancy pillow can make you more comfortable, and get that well-needed rest.

Of course another essential to help you sleep well during pregnancy, is to ensure you have a comfortable mattress. For help choosing the right level of support, contact our team of experts today on 01772 786666.