At The Odd Mattress Company, we are specialists in luxury and tailor-made fully sprung mattresses made to any size or shape. Often, we find clients asking whether or not they can have a bespoke mattress made to a shorter than standard dimension. Whether this is to suit a smaller guest bedroom, box room, a child’s bed, or even an antique bed frame, tailor-made short mattresses are a popular choice. Find your perfect handmade short mattress at The Odd Mattress Company by contacting us today.

Where might you need a shorter mattress?

There are numerous reasons why you may need a mattress that is shorter than a standard UK size. For instance, you may be looking to furnish a child’s bedroom, but do not want to compromise on the quality of the mattress which he or she lies upon. It is not unusual for children’s bed frames to have a standard UK width, but be made to a shorter length. In such instances it is necessary to craft a shorter fully sprung mattress which suits the child’s weight and provides adequate support while they sleep. 

In addition, shorter mattresses are a solution worthy of consideration in bedrooms where space is at premium. Box rooms in Georgian, Victorian and even contemporary properties can present a dilemma, being too small to comfortably accommodate a bed of a standard length. Here a fully sprung mattress and bed base of a shorter, bespoke length is an ideal solution, allowing this room to be used to its full potential as a guest or second bedroom, without it looking overwhelmed by a standard sized bed.

Another reason that many of our clients wish to have a bespoke shorter mattress made is to fit the shorter frame of their antique bed. Victorian bed frames and Vono beds, for instance, tend to be shorter in length, meaning a standard 6’3” (190cm) or 6’6” (200cm) sized mattress will not fit.

Whatever the circumstances, at The Odd Mattress Company we can perfectly tailor a short mattress to your particular needs.

Why is a bespoke mattress important? 

Not only will a bespoke mattress from The Odd Mattress Company guarantee a perfect fit, it will also contribute to a better, more supportive and therefore rejuvenating night’s sleep. We use natural fillings in all our mattresses on account of their heat regulating properties. Natural materials wick away moisture keeping you cool, fresh and cosy whatever the time of year. Being natural, the fillings of horsehair, cashmere, lambswool and cotton are likely to cause fewer allergic reactions; and are also completely biodegradable.

We make our mattresses designed for children’s beds with the same care and attention as those intended for use by adults. Adequate support for children’s bodies is vital to facilitate deep restful sleep, which in turn helps heighten concentration and alertness the following day.

Bespoke divans for shorter mattresses

The Odd Mattress Company is also able to create shorter divan beds, in order to complement your new tailor-made short mattress. These divan beds can be made with a drawer, or ottoman storage (where the lid of the divan lifts with the aid of springs and pistons) or as a simple upholstered base without storage, if preferred.

What about bespoke bedding?

The Odd Mattress Company can also make bespoke bedding to fit your shorter bed and mattress. Our handmade fitted sheets use single ply yarns of 100% Egyptian cotton, which are percale woven to create a soft and silky feel. All our bedding uses high thread count linen with a minimum of 200 threads per square inch, creating the perfect natural surface on which to lie. 

Alongside our 200 thread fitted sheets we also offer Egyptian cotton bed linen with a 400 thread count. This number of threads is favoured by the most luxurious hotels, and will result in truly sumptuous and indulgent bedding for your bespoke short mattress.

No matter what size, shape, width, length or depth you wish to have your bespoke bedding made, The Odd Mattress Company uses only the finest Egyptian cotton, to create the conditions for a perfect nights slumber. 

To speak to a member of our team about creating your tailor-made short mattress, simply get in touch with us at The Odd Mattress Company today and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist and advise you.