Whether you and your partner find yourselves overheating when led side by side, or you regularly feel you are on the cusp of being squeezed out of the bed and unceremoniously flung to the floor; a mattress which isn’t wide enough is a true hamper to a peaceful night’s sleep. A little more room, however, can give you (and whoever you may be sharing a bed with) the luxurious space you need to truly relax and get a restful nights slumber. At The Odd Company, we specialise in handmade, fully sprung, wide mattresses, of a bespoke width crafted to meet your requirements and specifications. 

Who might need a bespoke wide mattress?

The straightforward answer is – anyone! Perhaps, like the 34% of us who report that their partner keeps them awake at night, you’re just looking for a bit more space to secure those crucial eight hours or restorative sleep. For many of us who have been woken by a restless partner; a few extra inches of mattress is the difference between a full eight hours and a bleary-eyed morning. 

You may also have an extra- wide bed frame. A bespoke bed, be it contemporary, or from the Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian era can be striking. However good looks do not necessarily mean a good night’s sleep, and unless these beds are paired with a luxury and supportive bespoke mattress, their beauty will be undermined by the quality sleep they provide.

Of course, you may also just want to adopt the starfish sleeping position and truly spread out while asleep. This was the case with a recent German customer for whom a three-meter square mattress (our largest to date) was the bespoke size they needed to ensure undisturbed, blissful slumber. Here at The Odd Company, whatever your reasons for wanting a bespoke wide mattress, we’re more than happy to help. When it comes to the size of your extra-wide mattress, anything truly is possible.

What are the advantages of a bespoke wide mattress? 

At The Odd Company, we always suggest that our customers choose a bespoke mattress which is as wide as possible to help create the conditions for an optimum night’s sleep. From the personal to the physiological, there are an enormous number of benefits associated with the quality of sleep which can be obtained by sleeping on a wide mattress.  

All the bespoke wide mattresses from The Odd Company are fully sprung and contain natural fillings such as curled horsehair, cashmere and lambswool. These fillings are both cosy and breathable, regulating your body’s temperature and therefore avoiding the ‘radiator effect’ that comes with sleeping on mattresses constructed from foam and other synthetic fibres. Additional space in bed also lessens the heating effect your partner’s body will have on you, enhancing the feeling that you are sleeping undisturbed in your own world.

The benefits of undisturbed sleep on a bespoke wide Odd mattress, no matter who you’re sharing the bed with, are innumerable, and include better circulation, increased support for your muscles and supporting the natural curvature of the spine.  (You can read more about the huge health benefits of a bespoke mattress here).

So, where can you find a bespoke wide mattress? 

The Odd Company has a wealth of experience in creating a bespoke wide fully sprung mattress to whatever specifications our customers require. We advise that our customers opt for as wide a mattress as a room can accommodate to create a bed of unparalleled luxury and comfort. 

Although our largest standard sized mattress measures 7’6” x 6’6” (228cm x 200cm), over the years we have made extra-wide mattresses with dimensions which far exceed this size – take the three meter square mattress we mentioned earlier. Please do note however that bespoke wide mattresses which are wider than 7’6” will need to be made zip to link. Limitations in doorway and vehicle height make delivering a mattress made in one piece which is wider than these dimensions truly impossible!

If you are opting for a wide mattress it is likely that you will also require a bespoke divan to place the mattress on. The Odd Company can create divans to any width, length and depth with optional ottoman or drawer storage. 

You may be concerned that by opting for an extra wide mattress you may struggle to find suitable bedding to fit. Don’t fret: all our bedding is made to order, and can be tailored to fit your mattress perfectly, whatever the size. All our sheets are fully fitted and made from 100% Egyptian cotton which is percale weaved to create a soft and luxurious surface.  

Whatever your bespoke wide mattress needs, you can find it with The Odd Company. Simply get in touch with us today in order to discuss your requirements with one of our experts.