At The Odd Company, we know that for most parents, the process of buying their little one a new mattress can be a complex task. With so much information freely available, it can be hard to know how to give your baby the best start in life, whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned expert! 

It is essential to make sure your baby has adequate support while they sleep – as for a new-born, this comprises an enormous portion of their day. Between 16-18 hours of a baby’s day is spent sleeping, and it’s in their interests (and yours!) that this sleep is undisturbed and comfortable. 

To truly give your child the most supportive start in life, we at The Odd Company recommend a bespoke, fully sprung, cot mattress. Our bespoke mattresses for babies are handmade in England by our team of experts and are fully sprung to give the utmost support for little ones. What is more, our custom size cot mattresses are made with all-natural fillings and are upholstered in a cover which is free from nasty chemicals which can irritate delicate skin. 


How do The Odd Company make their bespoke cot mattresses? 

Each one of our bespoke cot mattresses is made-to-measure. We’ll take the dimensions of the cot that you provide and use these to craft a perfectly sized cot mattress.

Each of our mattresses is then handmade in England by our expert team, and carefully crafted with only the finest natural materials. In addition to our soft cotton cover, perfect for delicate skin, one of the most notable parts of our bespoke cot mattresses is the fillings – which is made from deep layers of coir fibre and lambswool

Coir fibre is derived from the outer husk of coconuts, which makes it both naturally sustainable, biodegradable and easily recyclable. Springy and supportive, the coir fibre works together with the spring system inside the cot mattress to support your child’s body as they sleep. The natural support offered by coir fibre relieves pressure points, allowing your little one to enjoy a comfortable sleep as they rest and grow. 

An incredible characteristic of lambswool is the fibre’s ability to be naturally breathable and self-ventilating. As parents of newborns will know, this is particularly important in the case of babies who cannot self-regulate their body temperature until they reach three or four months of age. We use lambswool fillings to help ensure your baby stays cool, for a comfortable night’s sleep regardless of the time of year.

In order to comply with rigorous safety requirements ( BS 1877 Part 10, for safety and performance, as well as BS 7177 for flammability) many mattresses are treated with flame retardants made from harsh chemicals. At The Odd Company, our natural flame-retardant treatments are free from these harmful chemicals, meaning your baby is kept safe and sound in every possible way. 


We aim to deliver all our bespoke sized cot mattresses within 14 days of an order being placed. Our made-to-measure cot mattresses also come with a two-year guarantee. That’s how you can be sure that your little one is getting the support they need as they grow.

If you’d like to speak to the Odd Company about creating your bespoke cot mattress, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team, who will be more than happy to help you. Please be advised that our deliveries are taking place as usual, and in accordance with government regulations on social distancing, to ensure that your mattress is delivered as safely and securely as possible.