There is perhaps nothing better than slipping into crisp, cool and soft cotton sheets, placed on top of a comfortable and supportive mattress. Many of our customers, once they have upgraded to an Odd Company mattress, will also require bespoke, luxurious cotton sheets to fit their tailor-made mattress. The Odd Company is delighted to share our new range of bespoke bedding, including sheets and mattress protectors, which can be made to fit our mattresses, whatever the size or shape. 

Manufacturers and retailers of luxury bedding have a tendency to use certain methods to artificially inflate the thread count they associate to their sheets, knowing that this is the primary indicator which members of the public look to as an indicator of quality. At The Odd Company, our commitment to transparency means that we never engage in crafty mathematics in order to inflate the thread count of our sheets. The number quoted is always the true number of threads found in a square inch of cotton fabric. 

Why is thread count in bedding and why does it matter? 

Thread count, familiar to anyone who has ever purchased bedding, is a common marker used to indicate the quality of the linen. In its accurate definition, thread count refers to the number of threads which are woven into one square inch of fabric. To be a little more technical, the thread count is the number of both vertically woven (warp) and horizontally woven (weft) threads. A 200 thread count sheet therefore consists of 100 warped and 100 weft threads per square inch of material. 

Thread count should be an indicator of the comfort and therefore quality of the material, and it is commonly understood that the higher the thread count, the more comfortable and luxurious the fabric will feel. However, by artificially inflating the number of “threads” used in a square inch of fabric, manufacturers and retailers can give the impression that bedding is of a higher quality than is actually the case. 

A thread consists of fibres (called plys) which are twisted together to create a thread. Some threads, like the ones we use, comprise of a single twisted ply yarn. Other, lower quality sheets, are made up of two or more plys which are twisted together to create the thread (multi ply). Multi ply thread is made from a weaker and coarser cotton which is twisted together in an attempt to improve its strength. It is not uncommon for manufacturers of lower quality bedding to count the number of plys which make up a tread and use this figure as their thread count. Such a tactic means that a sheet which contains 200, three ply threads is quoted as being 600 thread. Make no mistake the actual thread count fabric made in this way is 200.

As a rule a thread count over 400 is will have been achieved by using multi ply thread. If single ply thread has been used in bedding with a higher thread count than 400 then it will have been so tightly weaved together your bedding will have little breathability and therefore lock in heat and moisture. 

Why is bedding from The Odd Company different?

At The Odd Company, all our thread counts refer to the number of single ply threads that are weft and warped in a square inch of fabric. Additionally we use a percale instead of sateen weave which give our sheets that perfect crisp feeling when laid upon.

What bespoke luxury bedding is available from The Odd Company? 

In addition to having a range of standard sized sheets and mattress protectors, we can tailor our bedding to suit your preferred size.  The Odd Company can make bespoke fitted sheets and mattress protectors of any size shape and depth. Handcrafted from 100% Egyptian cotton, and tailored to the exact dimensions you need, our bespoke bedding is the perfect surface for your body to rest on. Our Egyptian cotton sheets and mattress protectors are made especially for your mattress to ensure a perfect fit.Made from percale weave, our sheets have either a 200 or 400 thread count and are made using Egyptian extra-long staple cotton which is soft, breathable and durable, ensuring ultimate comfort as you drift off to sleep. 

The Odd Company also makes mattress protectors. Given that our mattress is the only item we use daily that we cannot wash, a mattress protector from The Odd Company, helps keep your mattress clean and healthy for longer thereby extending mattress life. Our thicker weaved percale cotton, is perfect for simple protection, whilst our quilted  mattress protectors creates a more sumptuous feeling offering protection as well as more luxurious comfort. 

Choosing your bedding size

Simply select from our available standard bedding sizes the desired thread count. For extra-wide bedding, simply choose the next standard size up (for instance, if the correct width would be 4’8” wide, just choose the 5’0″ option) and then add 10% to the price, for the reduction. For extra long bedding consult our sliding scale in order to calculate the price or contact us directly.

To explore your options for bespoke luxury bedding or for any other bespoke mattress-related needs, simply get in touch.