Trying to decide between a king and a super king-size mattress? You’re not the only one!  Couples across the United Kingdom find it difficult to choose between these two mattress sizes. Many want the additional space offered by a super king mattress but are concerned their bedroom just isn’t large enough to accommodate it. The result is often to reluctantly opt for a king size bed and live out the next eight years of slumber never fully satisfied.

We have over the years heard from many customers who have found it difficult to choose between these two mattress sizes. If only there was a mattress which was somewhere in the middle, offering that extra space without having a negative impact on the aesthetics of the bedroom. A size which isn’t too big, nor too small, but just right – what we like to call a ‘Goldilocks size’.

Although such a size isn’t widely available in the UK, we at The Odd Mattress Company spotted this need a developed a mattress measuring 5’6” x 6’6” (168cm x 200cm) to meet it. Our ‘Goldilocks size’ is halfway between a king and super king and is therefore considered the perfect mattress size by many of our customers. 

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Why do I need an ‘in-between’ mattress?

You might be wondering if this ‘in-between size’ mattress really is necessary. Being one of the most popular sized mattresses we make, we’d say absolutely. In fact, there are a number of advantages to a mattress which is an ‘in-between’ size; not as wide as a super king, but which is still bigger than a king size mattress. 

We would always advise our customers to opt for as large a bed as they can accommodate. Although you might think that a king-size mattress is roomy, it in fact offers only 3” (7cm) more space per person than a standard double – taking the amount of available room up from 2’3” to 2’6” (69cm to 76cm). A king therefore offers only marginally more space for those of us who find sharing a double bed a little cramped.

At 6’0” wide a super king mattress provides each sleeper with 3’0” of bed space, or 20% more room than a king size bed. When it comes to achieving good quality sleep, the more personal space you can enjoy the better. A larger bed will mean you’re more likely to stay cool, ensures you can spread out to find a comfortable position in which to sleep and also means you are less likely to be interrupted by their movements of your partner. 

Measuring 6’0” x 6’6” a super-king mattress certainly offers more room for the sleeper, but can also overpower even well-proportioned rooms, occupying the majority of the floor and dominating the space. Choosing between a king and super king therefore poses a dilemma, opt for the former and risk feeling restricted in bed, choose the latter and you are in danger of undermining the aesthetics of your bedroom.

What’s in the middle? 

Measuring 5’6” x 6’6” (168cm x 200cm) our ‘Goldilocks size’ mattress is half way between a king and super king and therefore provides an answer to the need of greater personal bed space without dominating the bedroom. Being 5’6” wide the ‘Goldilocks size’ means you and your partner each have 2’8” (81cm) of bed space to stretch out into and enjoy – just 4” (10cm) short of the amount offered by a mattress with super king dimensions  

How can I get a “Goldilocks size” mattress?

At The Odd Mattress Company, we class our ‘Goldilocks’ bed (5’6” x 6’6”) as a standard size mattress which allows us to keep its price in line with our other standard sizes. 

All our mattresses are fully sprung ensuring the lumbar curve of your spine is kept in its natural position while you sleep, providing you with the correct level of support all night long. In addition, at The Odd Mattress Company we pride ourselves on using the finest natural fillings. Choose from curled horsehair, lambswool or cashmere, and bypass the synthetic fibres present in many contemporary mattress fillings. 

Should you feel that our ‘Goldilocks size’ isn’t quite right for you, we can make mattresses to fit beds of any size or shape exactly to your sizing requirements.

Will it fit my bed frame? 

We can also create bespoke bed frames to house your chosen mattress. Whether it’s to meet the Goldilocks specifications of a 5’6” x 6’6” or to suit a bespoke mattress dimensions of your choosing, our Odd Mattress Company bed frames will work in conjunction with your mattress to offer you the support you need, throughout the night. 

To discuss our Goldilocks mattress in more detail, or any other size of mattress, please do get in touch with us today and a member of our team will be happy to help.