Many of the choices that you make during the day can greatly affect the quality of your sleep.

If you are uncomfortable lying in bed, you may find it hard to settle down and relax at night. And worse still, even if you do manage to drift off, you could wake up tossing and turning! This makes it hard to get up in the morning feeling fully rested.

One thing that you may not expect to keep you up at night is your pyjamas, but these can act as one of the biggest barriers between you and the perfect rest.

When you consider that some pyjamas can cut off circulation or trap body heat, it is all too easy to see how making the wrong sleepwear choice can cause problems.

Read on to see what to put on to ensure you get the sleep you deserve.

The right materials

If you find yourself too hot, or sweating at night, then this could be because you are wearing clothes made of synthetic fabrics.

Polyester-based fabric are unable to absorb liquid, meaning that you will wake up feeling more damp and uncomfortable.

The best materials for pyjamas are cotton and cashmere, as this will lightweight and breathable.  Silk is also a good choice, as it is breathable and incredibly soft, allowing for ultimate comfort.

However, this issue could also be related to a condition called night sweats, so if swapping materials hasn’t worked for you in the past then it could be worth looking into this.

How to Keep Warm in Bed

On the flipside, if you find yourself chilly at night, regardless of how many layers you wear, the solution could be as simple – you just need to wear socks.

Investing in bed socks or thermal socks is an easy way to warm yourself up, as you lose an incredible amount of body heat through your feet.

As well as this, wearing socks is proven to help you fall asleep faster at night without too much flipping around.

Perhaps the best part is, it will cut back on arguments with your partner caused by trying to warm up your icy feet on them every night!


How to Stay Cool in Bed

Ditching the PJs

As long as you feel comfortable, the benefits of sleeping naked may be enough to convince you to throw out your fluffy pyjamas.

Sleeping naked can actually improve circulation around the body and prevent you from developing any unwanted fungal infections or skin irritations.

This works as it allows your skin and body to breathe and means that there is nothing constricting your blood flow, which can benefit your heart and muscles.

Along with this, sleeping naked can keep you cool, which in turn speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn fat. This means you can work towards your dream body, all while sleeping!
Hairstyles to wear to bed

What you wear to bed doesn’t end with your clothing choices, there are other factors to consider alongside this.

The hairstyle you wear to bed can have an impact on not only your comfort, but your appearance too!

Wearing a tight hairstyle, such as a ponytail, to bed can damage the hair by pulling at it and causing it to break. This can also cause discomfort, which can affect the quality of your sleep. Therefore, it is advisable not to wear a hair band to go to bed.

If you want to get your hair off of your face and neck when sleeping, this can be done by using a softer tie, such as a scrunchie or wearing a looser hairstyle.

Sleeping in jewellery

If you are prone to losing things, then sleeping in your favourite ring or necklace can seem like a great idea.

However this can pose a danger to you and your jewellery.

Having your jewellery on your body when you are tossing and turning can increase the risk of it being damaged or broken. Increased contact with metal can also cause you to be irritated by it, especially if you have sensitive skin or an allergy.

If you tend to get sweaty in the night, this can also trigger a reaction between your skin and the jewellery, such as discolouring of the skin. While this will eventually wash away, it may be better to take your rings off for bed.

Wearing make up to bed

Whether you’re just too tired to take it off, or you want a head start tomorrow morning, wearing make-up to bed is never a good idea.

Sleeping with a full face can cause your pores to become clogged, and with layers of mascara on it can increase your risk of eye irritation.

In the long-term, this habit can also increase the risk of lines and wrinkles.

If you are still experiencing discomfort or night sweating after making these adjustments, your mattress could be the problem rather than your sleepwear. A quality mattress is one of the best investments you can make to improve the quality of your sleep.

As well as this, you may need to consider a different type of bed base, which will not only give your mattress the support it needs but your body too. A sprung bed base is a great option to increase comfort at night.

If you need more information on bed bases and mattresses that will help you get to sleep in no time, feel free to get in touch with us, as we are always happy to pass on our expert assistance.