Finding the right mattress can be a tricky task. Misleading terms like ‘firm’ and ‘soft’ are subjective, oversimplifying the levels of support different mattress can provide. Considerations of size, shape and the type of materials used in a mattress’s construction can add an additional level of confusion. At The Odd Company, we believe that mattresses have the power to shape your life, from the physical comfort offered by a high-quality mattress, to the vital importance of a good night’s sleep. Given that we spend a third of our lives asleep, it’s crucial to make the right choice.

So what really differentiates a regular mattress from a luxury mattress? We have compiled a list of notable comparisons between a regular mass-produced mattress, and high-quality luxury mattresses like the ones we manufacture at The Odd Company. 


At The Odd Company, we believe the most important consideration when purchasing a mattress is support, with the level offered being the major differentiator between luxury and regular mattresses. Instead of using terms such as ‘firm’ or ‘soft’ which are highly subjective, and mean different things to different people, it is the level of support offered by a mattress that really counts. Support is achieved by ensuring that the natural curve of your spine is maintained, and your body is held in its natural position while you sleep.

Luxury mattresses are produced by hand, over many hours to ensure no compromise in quality. These mattresses use high grade steel springs, located in the core of the mattress on which natural fillings are placed. One of two spring systems can be used; the interior spring (also known as the box spring) and the pocket spring system. Of these the pocket spring is the most supportive as the springs can move independently from each other and can therefore mould and support the contours of your body completely. Although a mattress which uses an interior spring is less supportive, this type of system is still superior to synthetic foams which are used in the construction of regular mass produced mattresses and will be discussed in more detail later.

Luxury pocket sprung mattresses will contain anywhere from 1000 to 3000 springs; 3000 being the highest number of effective springs that can be placed inside a mattress. As spring count increases, the diameter of each spring decreases, making the mattress more able to mould to your body shape and provide the support you require. Available to the same standard sizes as a regular mass-produced mattress, our mattresses are all fully sprung, with no foam in sight.

Of course, not all mattresses will be made with a spring core. Many regular mass-produced mattresses are made of either memory or latex foam. When first introduced to the consumer market in the early 90s these materials were touted as a cheap solution to improve levels of mattress support. However, foam based mattresses often create more problems than they solve. Memory foam moulds itself to your natural form through the heat emitted by your body. This process far from aiding support, instead can create a ‘sinkhole’ effect, giving the sensation that you are trapped in one position throughout the night, unable to move and roll into a new sleeping position.


A further difference between a regular and luxury mattress is how well they breath. We often hear from customers of the negative experiences they have had with mattresses filled with synthetic fibres, or which are constructed from manmade foam. Synthetic fibres retain heat easily and do not readily breathe which causes the user to feel hot throughout the course of the night. Foam in particular, is designed to capture and hold body heat, as it is through this process that it forms around you. Foams dense makeup offers nowhere for heat to escape to, causing many to feel uncomfortably hot, particularly during the summer months. 

This lack of breathability also means that synthetic foams hold onto moisture, which includes the 0.8tlr to 1.5ltrs of perspiration we each give off over the course of an evening. Foam mattresses trap perspiration close to the mattress surface, leaving you to wake feeling hot and clammy.

With a luxury mattress, the core is largely an empty space. The central spring unit therefore allows air to circulate more easily around and through the mattress, preventing you from overheating. The natural fibres used as fillings in luxury mattresses are exceptionally breathable, allowing you to stay cosy while you sleep without overheating.

At The Odd Company, we only use natural fillings which include lamb’s wool, cotton, horse hair and cashmere in our luxury fully sprung mattresses. As well as being breathable, these fillings (in particular cotton) draw moisture away from your body, in a process known as wicking, meaning you stay fresh and cool all night long. These natural fillings are hypoallergenic and biodegradable, making them better for both you and the planet.


Another notable difference between regular mass produced mattresses and luxury mattresses are the size options available. Regular mattresses are made to fit UK standard single, double, king and super king-sized bed frames, with other larger options being rarely available. This can be inconvenient when searching for a mattress to fit a uniquely sized or shaped bed, or seeking a mattress custom-built to fit a particularly large, uniquely snug or simply individual shape. 

Luxury mattress are also produced in UK standard sizes but at The Odd Company our luxury mattresses can also be made-to-order to any size or shape. Our wealth of experience allows us to create bespoke mattresses to your requirements, without compromising on quality. In addition to bespoke sizing, the spring count, mattress depth and type of natural filling are all selected according to your needs, allowing you to design and enjoy your perfect luxury mattress. 

Have further questions about the differences between a regular and a luxury mattress? We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch with us today.