Here at The Odd Company, we often extol the virtues of our made-to-measure mattresses. However, it is important to remind ourselves and our customers exactly why our bespoke, fully sprung and natural mattresses are quite so good for both body and mind. With benefits ranging from the physical to the practical, a bespoke mattress from The Odd Mattress Company will change your life. Let us explain how. 

Made-to-measure mattresses have always held a crucial role in the history of sleep. Whether it’s the Great Bed of Ware, from 1580, reportedly created to be 10ft by 11ft, or the fabled tale of the Savoy Hotel commissioning ‘the perfect bed’ in 1905, made-to-measure mattresses have long been heralded as the ideal way to spend forty winks. Fast-forward to present day, and more and more people are recognising that a tailor-made mattress is the only way to sleep. But why? 

Made-to-measure mattresses improve sleep quality

In this age of mass-producing cheap and often poor-quality mattresses, the quality of our sleep is worse than ever. Primarily cut from thick, stifling foam, mattresses which are mass-produced and sold on the high street do not allow the sleeper a breathable surface on which to lie. Instead, heat is trapped in the mattress, which in turn heats our bodies, forming an uncomfortable cocoon around the sleeper’s form, allowing heat and sweat to build.

In addition, the lack of support offered by a foam mattress means that the sleeper’s spine is not adequately supported. Consider the natural curvature of your body when you lie down. A truly supportive mattress should allow your spine to fall in its natural curve when at rest, taking the weight off pressure points in the body as well as lifting it off your muscles. Imagine waking feeling truly rested, rather than plagued by the aches and pains familiar to so many of us waking on a poor-quality mattress. 

Your body is unique, and from person to person, there are huge variations in weight, height, size, and the way we sleep on our mattresses. Your bed needs to reflect the way that it is used: over one-third of our lives is spent asleep, and it is vital for our waking hours that our sleeping hours are well spent. 

The Odd Mattress Company can create your mattress to your specific requirements. Whether it’s a bespoke length, a tailor-made width, an unusual depth or a unique shape, there is practically no size or shape that we cannot create to. 

Often, clients require a shorter-than-usual mattress of a superking width; perhaps to fit a box room or tight space with compromising on the quality of their mattress. Creating a mattress of a superking width or greater without necessarily adding the extra length is perfect for our clients who are boutique and luxury hotels, as well as property companies who are renovating smaller flats in cities like London, in order to avoid dwarfing the floorspace of the room. For other clients, their goal is to have a bed of bespoke length made to ensure that their feet are well-supported in their slumber, rather than hanging off the end of the bed! 

Customers with four-poster beds often search for mattresses with cut-out corners. This is vital for the health of the mattress, allowing it to be turned as regularly as necessary. Sometimes, clients require mattresses cut to shape around chimneys in the bedroom; common with older or period properties. Often, a made-to-measure mattress from the Odd Mattress Company can be made as two or more zip-to-link mattresses: providing ideal accessibility for those with either limited space to lift and turn the mattress, or those with limited abilities to do so, given the weight of a standard or even larger mattress. 

Whatever size, shape and specification your made-to-measure mattress is, it will be handcrafted by our experts, fully sprung and topped with the finest natural fillings our planet has to offer. Curled horsehair, lambswool, cashmere, and the finest cotton all go into creating the perfect, soft and supportive mattress: breathable, warm, and so comfortable that you simply won’t want to get out of bed. 

The Odd Mattress Company can create an enormous range of made-to-measure mattresses to fulfil every client need. We don’t just make mattresses, however; we know that your bespoke mattress will need a suitable base and bedding. We can create divans to any shape, size and depth to support your mattress (as without adequate support, of course, the mattress will be far less effective) as well as our bespoke bedding, ready to cover your made-to-measure mattress. Whatever size you’re looking for, find it  in our range of handmade 100% Egyptian cotton fitted sheets, made just for you. 

To arrange your consultation and requirements for your made-to-measure mattress today, simply get in touch with us and one of our friendly experts will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.